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First Cycle: Flu/Fever Symptoms After Each Shot

Male, 27 yo, 5’7’’, 165 lb, BF ~12%. I’ve been running test e at at 500 mg per week, split equally on Mon and Thu. Currently in the 3rd week after the 5th injection. This is my first cycle.

After every injection, I’ll develop low-grade fever. E.g. after Mon injection, I would develop a fever on Mon night and wake up having my bed sheet drenched due to night sweat. Then, on Tue I would again have a fever and may or may not have night sweat.

Is this normal? I thought my body would have adapted to the test e in my system by the 3rd week?

Because of the fever, I feel lethargic and sometimes a bit tired during the day. Feel dehydrated all the time and have to drink a lot of water and pee out every hour or so.

I have Arimidex on hand but have yet to take it because my symptoms seem to be low estrogen rather than high estrogen?

Besides fever, lethargy, night sweats and dehydration, my blood pressure is a bit high (but the values fluctuate a lot - sometimes in the elevated range while sometimes shot up to stage 1 or 2 hypertension).

I sleep more than 8 hours a day and my diet has sodium under control.

Sincerely hope to get some advice from everyone. Thanks!

When I started my blast I was using UGL gear and had your symptoms and more after each shot. I was absolutely miserable. Sick all the time, body hurt, weak…etc. after a few weeks I decided to switch to pharma test and zero issues.

Maybe try some new gear.

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Don’t think that’s good. Can you try a different brand?

Beginning of each cycle I’d always get sick, like a cold or something for a week, but it always went away. Yours sounds like a bad reaction to whatever is in your gear

I had this EXACT same issue. Switched from test E to test C. For some reason it never happened again.

Either switch labs, go pharma or change esters.

Could it be because of the concentration of test e (300 mg/ml) I injected that’s causing test flu? Am switching to another brand with concentration of 250 mg/ml next week to see how it goes.

Also, I get bad PIP every time after injection. I pin my VG (rotate left and right) and it still got bad PIP in the 3rd week.

I had serious pip from 300 and the guys here pointed the finger at the concentration. It was spot on, switched to another brand 250 and no more pip. I wouldn’t use 300 again.

Switch to 250 and see how you feel