First Cycle, First Injection. Leg Feels Warm/Aching

Hi I started my first test c cycle and done my first injection in my glute on Wednesday and had no issues, then Friday my leg went warm and aching and has been like that since, is that normal?

Probably gonna have to be amputated


No not at all. I doubt it needs amputated. Zeek is a troll. You might just need to get a transplant.


I had some pretty bad soreness post injections on my first cycle. A few times it was really bad, but I never needed to go to the hospital. If you get a fever or the pain is intolerable, then you should definitely go.

You’ll get used to it. The more you pin the easier it is to know the difference between bad pain and normal pain. This sounds like normal pain. It won’t be like this every time, fyi.