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First Cycle - Feel Free to Comment!

24 years of age
102 kg
195 cm
4 years of training

Goals for cycle
A traditional cycle with focus on lean gains. I have diet 100% under control and I have had my diet reevaluated numerous times in good diet sections.

1-10 Test E 500mg EW
1-12 Nolvadex 10 mg ED
1-12 Adex 0.25 mg ED
1-end cycle HCG 200IU 2-3 times a week (goes through PCT as well to prevent testicular atrophy)

Starting on PCT 2 weeks later after last Test E injection.
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

There it is. It’s my first cycle and I also have letro on hand in case of gyno, just to be safe. I hope you guys have some comments on this. You could also give me comments on other ways to do PCT instead of the listed one.

Also - I am currently on a 5-split and thinking about doing a 3-split while on cycle because of the increased restitution on cycle. I guess I’d like to hit my muscle more times a week instead of one.


Drop nolva on cycle unless gyno starts

Pick either nolva or clomid for PCT, no need for both

hcg looks good

Make sure to split the test into biweekly doses…

250mg E3d is good. So like monday/thursday is good.

Start with .25mg adex EOD and if needed up it to ED

It would be ok to add dbol in as well if you want, but for a first cycle test only is perfectly fine.

You could do the dbol like this if you add it:
week 3-9 : 30mg ED

or even week 3 or 4 up till PCT starts

also you could do oral pulsing like this
week 3 till PCT starts : 30-50mg preworkout only

Do not continue hCG into PCT. You are using Adex, use that to control estrogen, not Nolva. Similarly, if you are using a sensible dose of Adex you should not need Letro. Taper off the Adex into PCT. Just use Nolva for PCT.

Jesus Christ, does NOBODY read the stickies? Why are they even there? I’m sick and tired of wasting my time even reading these threads with the same recurring theme. The problem is only getting worse because people are enabling them instead of calling them out for not doing any research, ever. I know the mods review the posts before they go up, can we do something about this at that level? Probably not. It seems like there’s two new ‘first-time posters’ everyday doing this shit.

The stickies present a lot of information in an often not very straight forward matter.

[quote]Valor wrote:
The stickies present a lot of information in an often not very straight forward matter.[/quote]

When it comes to PCT, AI’s & SERMS, and running a basic cycle, the stickies couldn’t be any more straight-forward.

Dont run HCG in the post cycle stop it just before, and as said don’t use a SERM on cycle when you are already using an AI which is correct for the job.

Maybe reading more about AI’s, SERM’s and HCG use is needed, doseages as well as timings with these drugs is as important as with the Test you are using if you want to recover properly…