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First Cycle Feedback

Hi All,

After lurking this forum for a while I’ve decided I am going to run my first cycle and was hoping to get some feedback to be as informed as possible.

I am 26, have been lifting several years consistently, fairly knowledgable when it comes to dieting, training, ect.

For my first cycle I am planning to run

500mg Test E a week - 250mg per injection 2x a week

Weeks 1-12:
-Test E 250 MG every 3.5 days
-Arimedix (preventatively) at .25mg every 3.5 days (may adjust up or down during cycle based on side effects)

Weeks 8-10: HCG 500 iu 3x week
Weeks 12-14: HCG 500 iu 2x week, arimedix .5 mg a week

Weeks 14-18:
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nova: 40/40/20/20

Planning on eating at about 30% over TDEE throughout.

Essentially, I’m planning to run a 12 week cycle of Test E at 500 MG a week. Will be running a low dose of Arimidex preventatively throughout up until PCT starting. Will be starting HCG in the later portion of the cycle and will run up until starting PCT. PCT will start two weeks after last injection of test E - For PCT planning clomid and nova tapering down for 4 weeks.


  1. How does this look for a first cycle? Any recommendations or proposed changes?
  2. I was also considering taking finasteride during the cycle to combot any possible hair loss. I’ve heard that finasteride DHT blocking properties can make a cycle less effective, but have also heard that this is false info. Any info here? Thoughts or experiences on taking finasteride w the cycle?

Dump the Arimidex, HCG and Clomid and it looks good.


Thanks for the input. Why dump the Arimidex ? Shouldn’t I have it on hand for gyno?

Also for reference here is my labs

Testosterone: 406

PSA: 0.5

Estradiol: 29.3

Hemoglobin: 14.7

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin): 47.2.

Free Testosterone: 6.58

If you feel real gyno symptoms coming on (not just tingly nipples, actual lumps) add 20mg/day Nolvadex. Save the arimidex for serious estrogen related sides.

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I can’t advise on a cycle, but your testosterone is at the lower end of things, your SHBG is high, and your free testosterone is very low.

The ISA, ISSAM, EAU, EAA and ASA have suggested that 6.5 ng/dL is a cutoff for hypogonadism due to low free testosterone, which is roughly where you are. It might be worth having a chat to a doctor about TRT, rather than looking at cycling.

If you can get more hcg make it week 2 to 12

That is suggested. Keeping balls working entire cycle with 500 iu per week

I agree with @Veteq

Save the money and possible unnecessary side effects and Ditch the hcg and clomid.

Having adex on hand is a must using it is not.

PCT nolva 40/40/20/20 is sufficient and effective.

I actually got my blood testing done at TRT clinic and they would have prescribed me it, but my levels are on the higher end for a TRT candidate and I had hesitations about committing to TRT for life when I am only 26.

I figured running a cycle would be a better bet initially.

Does anyone have any info on using finistaride while on cycle? Does it lessen the effectiveness of the cycle? How common is hair loss on a 500mg Test cycle?

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Finisteride has a pretty dark side. Very few people here will recommend you use it. If you’re prone to MPB then a cycle will exacerbate that. If you’re not then it’s less of a concern.

Ok. Thinking I’m going to drop the clomid. Going to keep Arimidex and hcg on hand and use If symptoms arise but won’t use them until then. Prob will try taking finisisteride cautiously and see how I tolerate it.

Also I was wondering - How much gains can one expect to retain after a cycle? I’ve heard that once you run a test cycle you should kind of expect to be on test for life and that you will ultimately lose most of your gains once you stop the cycle. Especially if your natural test levels are low/average. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Given my Natural test is around 400 and free test fairly low at like 6.58 one concern I have is that I will lose a lot of the gains I make on my first cycle .

There’s no real set answer for that. It’s dependent on a lot of things, some in your control (diet, training) and some not (genetics, natural test levels, et al). Guys don’t lose all their gains, otherwise nobody would ever use this stuff. I’m sure some guys do, obviously, but for the majority you keep a percentage of the real muscle you added. But how much? Totally up in the air.

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I got recent bloodwork done and it looks as though my test levels Have gone up from a test a year ago? Attached recent results. Can anyone help me interpret?

Also, the doctor I saw who is a former bodybuilder and knowledgeable when it comes to anabolics urged me to start with a more conservative dose (200mg test c a week) and then possibly add a low dose of deca in a month’s time. He said adding two low dose compounds like this would produce good results with little to no sides. This is as opposed to doing a standard 500mg a week test cycle. Could I get some feedback on this?