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First Cycle Feedback

Hey guys. I am looking to start my first cycle but I want your opinion on my cycle before I proceed. The only thing I have done is MK-677 in terms of SARMS. I used it from Sept 2016-Apr 2017. Near the later months, I stopped using it because I think my ghrelin receptors were becoming resistant as I didn’t feel that hunger that I used to when I first started. Never touched eroids cause I always wanted to wait till I reach near my plateau and develop physically.

28 years old
165lbs (Most I have ever been is 170lbs)
BF%: Hovering around 11-13%
Been training Olympic Weightlifting for 5 years consistently.
Currently a licensed Dietitian so I know how to eat properly. The only problem is creating that appetite (which I used MK-677) for.

Try to reach 185-190lbs after a cycle. 8-10% body fat.

I know that to build max size, I should use deca/dbol but since this is my first cycle, I’ve decided to be conservative and see how my body reacts and then if all goes well. I will probably do a more advanced cycle next time.

Weeks 1-10: Test E 275mg E5D. (I am not sure if I should do it for 12 or 14 weeks but I picked 10 to be the most conservative)
Weeks 1-6: T-Bol 50mg ED. (I was thinking to start at 25mg for 2 weeks to see how my body tolerates it and then up the dosage to 50mg for the last 4 weeks)
Weeks 1-6: Vital Labs Protex Cycle Assist (For On-Cycle Support)
Optional Weeks 1-10: MK-677 (To boost appetite)

Week 12-15: Elixir Meds PCT [Clomid 50/50/25/25 & Tamox 20/20/10/10]

Thanks and I hope to hear your opinion!

Hi dking.

You will likely get a lot of feedback on this, from some very experienced and knowledgeable people.

My input, for what its worth, is that there are some good decisions there, and some not so good decisions.

I’ll start with the poorer decisions:

  • Your PCT is not ideal, Read the sticky by KSman, dont stack Clomid and Nolva
  • 165 and 5’10 is quite small, there will obviously be disagreement on whether this should stop you cycling but you definitely have untapped natural growth left in you (I’m 196 at 5’10, same bf%).
  • Thinking being a dietitian means you know how to eat properly, in my experience most clinical / registered dietitians don’t know jack. The ones that do are the mostly self taught ones. I’m sure you are an exception, though. (Please take this point with a pinch of the jest it was intended to convey :wink: )

Good decisions:

  • Starting lighter with the cycle and taking a conservative approach
  • Limiting the cycle to 10 weeks
  • Thinking about PCT
  • Appreciating that Diet, and in particular eating enough, is going to be important in having a successful cycle

I won’t comment on your choice of steroids, nor their dosages or timings, since I have no experience on that topic.

Things to consider:

  • AI support for your cycle i.e. adex
  • testicular support for your cycle i.e. low dose nolva during the cycle
  • Whether you need to experiment with different training styles before jumping into this, because as much as I respect olympic weightlifting as a discipline, and its value as part of an overall hypertrophy program, Oly lifting alone is not going to be optimal for hypertrophy, which appears to be your goal. If that is really the only way you have trained over the last 5 years it might, in part, explain why you haven’t added as much mass as you would like.

Something off with your diet. At your age, height and lifting, you should be able to reach your goals without AAS.
If you decide to go AAS without having a solid diet in place, you will be disappointed with your results regardless of how hard you train.
For first cycle, test is all a person needs. People start stacking compounds on their first cycle and sides develop and they don’t know which compounds to blame/fix. HCG during cycle to PCT.

Thank you all for the advice. I have not started the cycle but I intend to get people’s opinions on it first before proceeding. That is all the part of the research process. I mostly do Oly lifting as it gives me a sense of accomplishment versus just purely a aesthetic point of view (beauty and size is subjective). I do accessory bodybuilding work afterwards but if I were to get on gear, I would shift my focus more. Since I try to compete once a year, I do tend to lean down so that is probably why I make minimum gains. That being said, I don’t intend to compete and just want to pack on pure size. I am sure most of you are right that what my goal is obtainable naturally. However, my goal is to reach my natural potential quicker, not take the time to use gear and push past my potential. I actually used to compete at 62kg 2 years ago but over the last 2 years I said fuck it and went up to the 77kg category. That being said, my progress of gaining size has plateaued for a while now. I hoping to use the gear to help act as a catalyst, not as the main focus to end up putting on mass. I am only asking for advice on dosage, timings and PCT because although I haven’t pulled the trigger, I prefer to do my due diligence on the matter and think about it long and hard before crossing that line. I do not take these decisions lightly unlike too many people.