First Cycle Feedback/Suggestions

Whats up all, I am about to start my first cycle and wanted some feedback from experienced users.

First off, I’m 34, experienced lifter, about 185lb, 12%bf. I’ve done a handful of pre-ban and post-ban PH cycles, have a clean, solid diet. Goal is to get to single digit bf without sacrificing lbm, improve strength/hardness/vascularity. Below is my plan:

Wk 1-6:
40mg anavar ED
50mg proviron ED
400mg test e/wk pinned mon/thurs
Wk 7-10:
50mg proviron ED
400mg test e/wk pinned mon/thurs
Wk 10-12:
50mg proviron ED
Wk 13-16:
50mg clomid ED

This is what I would consider to be a moderately mild cycle based on research, but any tweak suggestions would be welcome and feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You are of an age to make intelligent decisions. I personally don’t think you need anavar in there but that’s me. Plus anavar is one of those that is faked so much most of us just stay away from it. I don’t know where you are getting your gear but I would make sure the test is legit before getting anything else.

Proviron is good stuff and I like it. It really is mild enough yet effective enough to include on a intelligent first cycle. I would see what just 25mgs a day does for you before you run 50mgs. Plus what you don’t use on cycle you can save and use to throw your libido into overdrive sometime later after you have recovered after PCT. I like to run it during the summer and Christmas time when the gf isn’t in school and only has to work. Even at 37 spending two to three days in bed with a beauty is better than a vacation and that Proviron helps me put that “scared yet excited” look in her eyes.

I have to say I didn’t see an AI listed. I would skip the anavar and use that money to get some AI for just in case. Remember you don’t know how you will react to the extra estrogen from the aromatizing testosterone. Don’t find out the hard way that you can grow floppy D cups from a tiny bit of estrogen.


Thanks for the feedback man! As far as quality of gear, I do know anavar is pretty frequently not legit. No reason to believe the test isn’t. I obv don’t wanna drop names/sources but will be sourcing from a place an experienced gym buddy referred.

As far as AI, I was under the impression running proviron would be adequate to prevent enough estrogen conversion for gyno to be a concern, but will def grab some arimidex to at least low dose on cycle (better safe than floppy).

I have heard convincing arguments from what seem to be opposing and passionate camps regarding anavar so just figd I’d give it a try. But if I get enough feedback like yours, would not be against scrappin it from cycle.

Ok Proviron as an anti estrogen is a common miss conception. It started way back in 70-80s when they didn’t have AIs. It has an anti estrogen like effect but does not actually hinder the aromatase enzyme and that is what converts test into estrogen. Yes it will help you keep your gains drier and that is what happens when you keep estrogen in check but with only Proviron you still get a build up of estrogen.

As it has been been said so many times before, everyone is different and so many of us never have estrogen issues even when on crazy wet cycles. Just get something to have in case you need it, that is if you want to see if you can manage without an AI. The flip side to no AI is we need estrogen to build muscle and quite a few of us over use the AI and actually hinder growth that way. I am all for folks finding their own path especially because everyone is different with how they react to this stuff. Just be smart about it.

As far as anavar goes. Look you are early in your cycle history, brand new even. I have years of experience and have only pulled the trigger on anavar twice, both times they were different. I could have gotten real var once, twice or never. If you are dead set on the dry hardening nature of anavar why not explore winny. They rarely fake winny. Plus if you find out what winny is like then later you try anavar you should be able to tell if you got winny substituted for anavar. Usually fake anavar is winny and or winny and dbol together. My point and thought process is if fake anavar usually contains winny then find out what winny is like first that way you would know later if you get winny labeled as anavar. Plus what you get out of anavar and it’s price there is no reason to use it until later in your cycle history when you look at risk vs price vs reward. It’s real place for regular AAS users is to help you bust through plateaus at the end of a cycle. Everything else it does can be obtained via a more cost effective route.

All that being said I really think a good test run will blow you away and if you do test and Proviron it is just that much more. No need to put a third thing in there. After all you might get to the end of the cycle and decide X characteristic is what you want more of and if you do three things how will you know which one helped get that characteristic?

Anyways you will make your own choice, so please be smart about it. Protect yourself, never stop learning and know that chances are you will end up doing numerous cycles so there is no need to Sprint full speed to the finish line on your first few cycles.

Don’t forget pre cycle blood work, even if you plan on blast-and-cruise for the rest of your life.

Oh I just remembered that I forgot something.

For some reason due to the cost of name brand arimidex a lot of these UGLs try to get top dollar for their off label arimidex. I don’t see that with the aromasin. So check your prices and know that actually aromasin is a newer compound and even though you need more mgs to be effective that per dose it is considered better. It is actually a class 2 AI. If you can get 28 arimidex tablets for around $100 vs 20 aromasin tablets for $30-40 then I see no reason to pay that much for arimidex. Plus with you getting UGL arimidex it is more likely to be off on the dosage. Basically they get X amount of raw arimidex then bulk it with corn starch or cellulose then make tablets or capsules. It is all too easy to have half of the finished arimidex tablets end up overdosed and the other half underdosed. With aromasin being a 25 mg dose it is a better chance of having a consistent dosage level per tablet of UGL brand aromasin.

The other AI is femara and that stuff is harsh on lipids and messes with cholesterol. Only mess with it if you have a situation where it is the only option.

The arimidex, aromasin and femara are trade name’s so go look up the compound names because some UGLs use those as the basis of their labeled compound names.

All super sound advice. Def decided on running a test/proviron-only 1st cycle. Most likely will stick w that format for first few. Maybe throw in some winny or tren farther down the road. Will def have the pre cycle blood work done bc I do have suspicions of possibly needing trt already n also just wanna make sure I dose properly. I def appreciate the AAS game and that a slow approach is always better than a sprint. Physical health and wellbeing is the #1 goal for me. Good tip on the arimidex too. Thanks again for the feedback brother!