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First Cycle - Feedback Appreciated

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of starting my first cycle and trying to make it as safe as possible for recovery and with the least amount of sides. My stats are 24 yrs old, 182 lbs, 7% bf, been training since I was 17 with on/off periods and constantly for the last 1,5 years.

I would really appreciate anyone giving feedback on the cycle I planned.

Cycle W1-W10:
500mg test E/week
Arimidex 0.25g ED
Nolva 10mg ED
Hcg 250IU 2x/week

W11-W13(wait for the test e to clear):
Adex 0.25g ED
Nolva 10mg ED
Hcg 250IU 2x/week

PCT W14-W19(ED doses/week):
Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
Adex 0.25/0.25/0.25

you won’t need to the nolva during your cycle, the adex will be fine.

You don’t need the adex during PCT

other than that, it’s all good.

It’s perfect bro. Good job on doing some research. Really appreciate it. Good luck.