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First Cycle Feedback - 16 Wks, 300mg Test E

How’s it going fellas/ladies

Just looking for a bit of feedback really around current cycle and any tips/advice people could share

I am 10 weeks in to a 16 week cycle of Test E.

Few stats on me first -

Age:27 - Height 6’1 - Weight 215lbs - Training for around 3/4 years (consistently) but been around the gyms 10 years+

I am currently running 300mg a week split across 3 jabs at 0.3ml - I am running no AI - around week 6 in included Proviron ED at 20mg

I am very much of the belief that Estrogen is our friend and rather than eliminate it completely look to manage the sides, especially as it would be considered a ‘sensible’ amount

I have been suffering over i would say the last week or so with fluid in ankles (can see socks leaving an imprint etc in legs and shoes feel tighter, feet swollen) Not overly concerned, i have no issues around my nipples, get itchy once in a blue moon but thats pretty much it.

I understand without bloods then there is pretty much no guessing it but should I be worried?

I take a multitude of vitamins and supplements alongside my cycle and at the moment sitting around 2000 kcals a day

I have attached some pics. Any advice on where to go from here?

Increase the test maybe? I’m looking at increasing to 400mg P/W. Will I see an improvement in physique? thanks a lot.

No pics but I wouldn’t expect much out of increasing your test 100mg for the remainder. Most test only cycles I’m stalled by week 10 with not much further growth.

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Sorry mate forgot to attach!

Front 4

Front 2

Back 1

Back 3

Will be dropping the Proviron when I am out of it - probably around another week/week 1/2

At this point I would look to increase the test dosage slightly whilst bumping up cals for a steady growth period.

Any advice on how to maximise this?

Well don’t do this:

As long as you’re eating at what absolutely is a deficit you won’t gain anything. Bump the test up to 1g/w and you still won’t get anything in the way of new muscle out of it. You need to eat if you want to grow.


This can be a symptom of high E2, have you not had any bloods drawn on cycle? Have you been monitoring your blood pressure, as the increased fluid retention will probably raise your BP.

And @iron_yuppie is absolutely correct, if you want to maximize your growth for the remainder of the cycle, you need to eat more. A lot more, most likely.

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Thanks for the feedback both.

For sure, I agree calories = growth.

I am aiming to up the calories into December to look at moving into a long gaining phase.
I was trying to improve body composition as much as possible before doing so.

Blood pressure is taken 3x per week and sitting at an average of 122/65 along with blood glucose at 4.8mmol

Bloods I haven’t taken - struggling to get an opportunity to be honest at my GP with all things ‘Covid’
I understand its important for me to get this checked, however, I didn’t think 300mg of Test should be too sinister.

What sort of calories would you advise ramping up too?

BP looks really good for being on cycle. Are you in the US? If so you don’t need a doctor to get bloods, just go to a site like privatemdlabs<.com> and order whatever tests you want. Print the form and drive to a local LabCorp to get the bloods drawn. They will email the results in a few days to a week.

300mg/week test is kind of “no-man’s land” when it comes to E2 management. On a TRT dose like 100-150mg, almost everyone is OK with no AI. On 500mg+ per week, almost everyone will need some amount of AI. 300mg per week is that middle ground where some will need it and some won’t.

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The fluid and swelling seems to have subsided now in ankles and socks aren’t leaving an imprint anymore.

Very rare do I have any morning wood, but i can still maintain and generate erections - Could have sex/knock one out maybe 3/4 times a day for sure.

Loads aren’t as big though???
Apologies for the honesty lol

Nipples have been itchy where it i have rubbed them maybe 3/4 times over the course of the cycle. I have now been on 11 weeks.

Still no AI added. E is our friend in some way

I just want to know here that there is going to be no lasting damage.

May consider adding in some Mast if it continues.


Calories now up to - 3100

Weight sitting around 218/219 average

Week 15 PED use - Test pushed up to 350mg P/W split into 3 shots Mon/Wed/Fri
Proviron still @ 20mg per day.

Will look to add in some Mast E at some point with peak Test dose up to 500mg.

Aiming to be sitting at around 230lbs at end of surplus phase.

Any feedback/questions welcome.

Happy New Year all

Forgot to mention - Fasted BG at the moment average of 4.8mmol

BP roughly around the 130/65-70 mark.

This is normal. No FSH and LH leads to smaller loads.

If you mean from having higher E2 for a few weeks, then No.
But only God knows how your HPG will recover. One can prevent primary failure of the testis with HCG use on cycle. Recovery of the hypothalamus and pituitary is then still not guaranteed. But that’s a risk we take when cycling.

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My friend said the same man.

Once you enter the rabbit hole that’s pretty much the roll of the dice stage.

thanks man appreciate the help.

He’s right on that.

No problem. Good luck!