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First Cycle, Fat and Arimidex

Hello people. Started my first Test E cycle on Monday, 500mg a week. Been training just over 1 year now. I have more body fat than I want but nothing drastic, I’m not obese or anything, just a beer belly as they say. Diet has been changed to clean eating the past 2 weeks so my body fat is reducing.
I’m due to take my 2nd 250mg shot tomorrow so im posting to ask if I should maybe start 0.25mg of arimidex early due to body fat containing aromatase so I assume I will be converting more test to estrogen and want to be on the safe side to reduce side effects. Thanks for your time.

Are you experiencing symtoms of high E2? Do you know what the symptoms of low E2 are? I would rather wait and have elevated E2 than crash it right in the beginning. Your body will attempt to seek balance naturally. I would not just start taking AI without symptoms. E2 plays a key role in your body.

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