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First Cycle, Fake/Underdosed Gear. PCT Needed or Not?

I was 8th week into my first cycle (500mg/w test e) but I didn’t feel any difference in strength, recovery or muscle mass. I did bloodwork and result were 11.54 ng/ml out of 2.4 - 8.7 ng/ml. I did before cycle bloodwork and my testosterone was 8.90. So my guess is gear is 0% testosterone or is severely under dosed. Do you guys think I should do PCT now? I was planning 40mg tamoxifen for 2w, then 20mg for 2w, but I think this will be an overkill with those low t levels. And when I can start new cycle?

I will repeat what I’ve said elsewhere: unless you googled “buy illegal sterons”, clicked on the first link and bought, it’s hard to understand how you got your hands on severely underdosed or outright fake gear.

You need bloodwork after you’re done with your cycle if you suspect that you’re using fake gear. Get blood drawn two weeks after your last injection and see where you are.

The last round of blood work you did…what was your LH? That’s hugely important right now.

I got the gear from a guy I know for years and wasn’t expecting to get scammed (he prolly didn’t knew it was bunk). Unfortunately I didn’t test for LH. I’ll get full bloodwork now and I’m stopping this cycle, and it was planned for 10 weeks.

As @iron_yuppie said you can easily tell if you’re shut down by an LH of approx ~0. If you’re running normal range LH your gear was bunk.

You’d be surprised how much test is faked. Fuck you’d be surprised how much dbol is actually methyl test just because it’s even cheaper than dirt cheap dbol. At the end of the day everyone selling you gear is trying to make a buck. If anyone needs a push in the right direction on finding good gear I recommend learning how to navigate the dark web with TOR browser and finding a market with an escrow system. There is a legitimate review system similar to eBay for sellers on there. Clear net gear is backed by a shit ton of paid bullshit reviews on shitty forums. Not to mention a lot of sources use fake videos of huge industrial labs, and fancy hologram packaging to make it look legit. Those fancy vial labels can be found on Alibaba for 2 cents a pop. They get their raws there aswell. At the end of the day if you’re not getting it from a pharmacy or a country where it’s legal, it’s a crapshoot

The problem there is that markets exit scam often. Just recently the biggest dark net market exited after being operational for over 2 years. Everyone said it wouldnt happen… It happened.

For a newbie the darknet and darknet markets these days are difficult to use at the best of times.

I guess I’m insulated from all of that because I only use two places to source (one primary, one as a backup), and neither of them have allowed scammers to stick around for more than a few weeks before running them out on a rail. It boggles my mind that people get bunk gear given how easy it is to find reliable stuff. But I suppose there’s no shortage of scammers and no shortage of customers who for whatever reason are gullible enough to get taken. I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to be injecting something into your body you better know everything about what’s in that vial and how it got there.


I’m not outright admitting to ever having done anything like this. But HyPoThEtIcAlLy if one DOES access or use these marketplaces (use a VPN, preferably disable javascript on TOR too) don’t keep funds stored within online marketplaces, exit scams are all too common.

Use a separate bitcoin wallet and only deposit to the marketplace wallet when making a purchase.

You can buy realistic looking fake watches. Make everyone jealous regarding your percieved wealth due to purportedly owned materialistic possessions. I’ve never done this, I find the concept amusing though. Unfortunately I’d think they’re being purchased and resold as legitimate items.

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Yup lost $300 in an exit scam, as long as you never keep currency in the markets wallet you’ll be good though