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First Cycle Experiences


Okay so I have just hit week 5 of my first cycle, and boy has it been a rollercoaster of stress and emotions.

So I decided about 9 weeks ago I wanted to run a cycle and went online to find some information and stumbled upon JohnDoeBodybuilding which made it seem VERY simple for a beginner - the 1 vial beginner cycle. I was sure I wanted to do this, read up on PCT, and went to the guy at the supplement store to organize me some Test C or E.

This is where I went wrong, I was speaking to the guy and he explained to me it takes 4 weeks to start to see results in Cypronite, and to rather do Test Prop, quicker results and shorter cycle life - 8 weeks.

I was sold, and believed him. He wrote me up my schedule - Pin twice a week on 0.5ml for 4 weeks then up to 1ml and it should last me 7 weeks. Cheap easy simple.


After 1 week I barely felt anything, I actually got freaked out from the PIP on my left glute and went online to seek advice and explained my cycle. I got lambasted by all corners about TITRATING my dosage and that I HAD to pin EOD.

My ego was bruised and I was so annoyed at myself for lack of preparation but one guy helped me out, said listen don't panic, up the dose to 1ml and pin MWF, this beign midway through WEEK2.

NEWBIE ADVICE: PROP WORKS VERY WELL and quickly BUT Be prepared for a bit of pain and pinning MIN 3 times a week. THE PIP is awful at the beginning especially on VIRGIN sites. For the first 2/3 weeks I could barely do squats. Would NOT recommend for first cycle.

NEWBIE ADVICE 2: My biggest fear was that of getting AIR into my muscle or hitting a vein and having chunks of my ass cut out so I have used nurses to pin. Yes I know its expensive but it has helped me immensely. Going to start pinning myself from next week.

WEEK 2 RECAP: I went from 0.5ml to 0.75 to 1ml on WEDNESDAY 3 dec, I could feel the effect of PROP. I started feeling ALPHA. Your gym sessions are heightened, your confidence too and your agro.

Week 3 : I only started Week 3 on the 8th DEC missing a pin inbetween. This was done for 2 reasons - 1 I was driving cross country. 2- My wednesday pin got swollen and slightly infected. Sitting on my ass for 8-10 hours driving made it swell up so badly. DONT PANIC. Take some anti inflammatory and anti hystamine. If it DOESNT go down then go see a doc.

Week 3 - PROGRESS WEEK. I started to see REAL GAINS here! I cut my deficit diet and starting eating higher than my TDE but cleaner foods. My shoulders swolled, biceps, tricpes and back. Loving the effects of PROP!

Week 4 - I learn to do MATHS.

I went to Pin M on week 4 and my Vial looks barley full! I freak out as I thought it leaked but after counting up my pins I realized I had used up 6.25ml plus the 1 that day and had barely 3ml LEFT. I tried contacting everybody and anybody and nobody could help. One website tried to sell me it via airmail but after doing my homework I realized they really don't have a great succss rate.

I accepted my fate and cut my dosage down to 0.75 for the week. I immediately felt the impact, I wasn't alpha anymore. I was tired, lethargic etc..

Week 4 I learnt about TNATION and thanks to ALOT of advice from eatmorefood - top poster - I found out a way to continue my cycle.

I could only find 1AMP of SUST 100 where I am and 10ML OF cyp. So I made the switch in Week 5 to CYP.

Pin 1 - M - 0.25ml PROP + 1ML Cyp
Pin 2 - T - 1ml CYP + 1AMP Sust.
Pine 3 - T - coming up same as above.

Here is where I really learnt about long ester bonds, kickstarters and keeping my blood levels stable.

I regret I didn't plan my cycle better and keep enough PROP on me or just go with CYP but to survive you need to ADAPT or DIE.

I will keep posting about how its going.



This is really interesting if there are any beginners out there. I wholeheartedly recommend the beginner cycle that is stickied on this forum. It’s simple effective and complete. Hopefully others can learn from the mistakes that you made. Sharing it and owning up to it can hopefully help others. Information (regarding AAS or otherwise) is like money. You can never have too much. I am always researching and trying to learn more. Everyone interested in using AAS should spend the time to learn as much as they can. You’ve also hit the other important note. Do not start a cycle without everything on hand. Don’t assume you can get it later. Something could get screwed up and then you are stuck without something important.


Shot thanks man for all your help. Would you mind posting the link to that sticky? I know I’ve started already but would love to read more especially for the next cycle.


Its at the top of the steroids forum.

Steroid newbie cycle. What blows me away is that so many people come here with these crazy half assed plans and if they read nothing besides this one sticky they could put together a cycle.

Thats not a dig at you. Its just an observation in general.


Fair enough. I think if I stuck to my research I wouldn’t have gotten into such a mess. Problem was listening to wrong people especially my trainer. For newbies it’s difficult as there is so much advice out there you don’t know which to go for so you go for the one with a face behind it. This was my original post before my cycle

But need some extra help on 3 things:

I can only run an injectable cycle for 8 weeks, going cross border so bit difficult to transfer vials and find doctors etc…

  1. Would you recommend to run Test prop or Test E? I know Prop is shorter so 8 weeks could work? But E better for beginners?
  2. What AI and SERM would you recommend ? Are they necessary? Was thinking Aromasin and hcG?
  3. Which of the two options below would you recommend? I am a beginner.


Option 2. Long Ester

Wk 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate = 250mg twice/wk e3.5d
Wk 1-12 Aromasin 12.5mg ED MIN- monitor and adjust accordingly.
Wk 1-14.5 hCG = 250iu twice/wk â?? day before test injection.

Begins wk 15 to wk 19

Clomid 75/50/50/50
Nolva 40/20/20/20

Option 3. Short Ester

Wk 1-8 Testosterone Propionate = 150mg eod.
Wk 1-8 Aromasin 12.5mg ED MIN â?? monitor and adjust accordingly.
Wk 1-8 hCG = 250iu twice/wk day.

Begins wk 9 to wk 13

Clomid 75/50/50/50
Nolva 40/20/20/20


Problem came after I decided for prop and the trainer told me one vial was enough… But yeah your right better planning equals better results and less stress.



So it’s Friday now and been 5 days since I last posted.

Ok so what have I been doing?

Monday and Tuesday I got my gym sessions in. Wednesday I tried but Christmas admin took over. Thursday gym was closed. Tonight going to do a home session. But I don’t feel the same. Nothing close to the prop.

From feeling energetic and alpha, I feel lethargic, tired, depressed, fat and not myself…

Yes I haven’t gymed properly this week but when I’ve gotten time I just don’t feel the same. Oh and got symptoms of flu and run down. Not to sure if I’m really sick or its the sust side effects.

I did drink on Christmas so I attribute some of those effects to that but been feeling v like this all week.

Lesson learnt switching esters sucks. I’m attributing most of these effects to the blood level drops. Hopefully the cryprinate can just kick in now. But I’m gonna stop complaining, man up and train through it. Have no gym here on the beach but brought some weights and going to do hiit training with cardio. Better than nothing I guess.


Yes the change in esters has caused it. It takes roughly 10-14 days for it to really kick in. Thats why I was suggesting you get more of the sustanon to bridge the gap between the two. Also why I said I would’ve double dosed my first Cyp injection to get the levels up more quickly. In a few days to a week you’ll be back to where you were.


Extract only the prop out of the sust worked great for me


Thanks for all the advice guys especially eatsomemorefood, really appreciate it.

These posts are not me complaining or moaning just documenting what’s happening especially for any other newbies out there looking to start a cycle or switch cycles.

I think the switch to Cypriotante would have been fine if I started it in week 4 whilst I still had prop for a week. Would have stabilized nicely.

For future cycles I would definitely recommend either one long ester so just Cypriotante, especially if you don’t like pain and looking long term.
If you want faster results and don’t mind a bit if pain - pip, then prop is incredible even if you shoot mwf I saw some great results. I know eod is better but hey.

I’ll post again next week.


[quote]justsaynotoketo wrote:
Extract only the prop out of the sust worked great for me[/quote]

Ummm what??


[quote]BUDs wrote:

[quote]justsaynotoketo wrote:
Extract only the prop out of the sust worked great for me[/quote]

Ummm what??[/quote]

You have to be a Jedi to do this.


Prop is the shit if you can withstand the pip and pinning everyday.


You don’t really need to pin prop everyday well not if you are a beginner. EOD works and so did mwf. Plus every day becomes too sore and expensive.
But I agree prop is the shit and you don’t need anything else with it. Not with my limited experience. Keep it simple to start with.



So my last proper lifting session was on the 24th. More than a week ago. But I was pushing 4-5 times a week.

What have I learnt since then?

Time off allows you to grow.
AAS is not a miracle cure for laziness.
People see jacked guys and are like he took steroids, maybe he did but dam he worked hard for that size and definition.

My last proper training session was on Xmas eve, 8 days ago. Christmas the gym was closed and the day after I left for holiday in a place with no gym.

In addition I got hit by flu. Thought was sust flu but was proper flu. Felt really shitty for a couple days and was struggling from having a couple drinks at Xmas. I know it’s self inflicted but I tried to stick to my diet and train with 14 kg dumbbells and a 8 kettle bell. From heavy ass (above 100kg) squats and deadlifts to tiny dumbells.

For the first two days I actually grew regardless of the situation. But the resort was quite shitty and was very difficult to stick to my eating plan. After those 2/3 days growth and size converted to body fat.

I did manage to diet it off but I did definitely lose size. Dropped from 92kgs to 89.

So new years came and of course I want a bit ham and I don’t regret it. When you are drunk you are borrowing happiness from the next day. But I did drink about 3 litres of water and wasn’t hungover just tired and grouchy.

Anyways long story short, drinking and partying is awesome but it messes up your training. Had my first session back today. From benching a pr of 120 to struggling at 80. I pushed through to 100 but my power feels drained. Maybe it’s mental from being away and travelling and what not but you can’t have best of all world’s.

Anyways I’m back and gonna train hard these next couple days.

Everybody wanna be big but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights.


Okay so been hitting 1ml of CYP twice a week…

BUT seeing some serious side effects now…

My face, back and chest are breaking out like crazy.
Aggression heightened…

Any ideas why? Considering didn’t get this at all on PROP?


Could be crappy gear?


[quote]Fluffybeginner wrote:
Okay so been hitting 1ml of CYP twice a week…

BUT seeing some serious side effects now…

My face, back and chest are breaking out like crazy.
Aggression heightened…

Any ideas why? Considering didn’t get this at all on PROP?[/quote]

Cloud be your estrogen

Try pinning eod instead as well


EOD on Cyp?

Stupid question but when it says 1ml is the bottom of the black pyramid in the syringe supposed to be at 1 or the top part?


Sorry my bad for some reason I was thinking sust, maybe from your other thread