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First Cycle Experience with Important Lesson: Careful with AIs

For first time users especially, the positive effects and side effects of AAS, test in particular are often in your head it seems like. I’m 2.5 weeks into my cycle… and two days ago I was feeling like I was losing libido and such, and I was very paranoid and anxious about that. Today came around, gf came over, and I’ve been so horny… with insane erections. I could’ve easily been over paranoid, thinking I had some E2 issue, and adding more adex, which would crash my E2 and actually give me the symptoms I thought I had. So the moral of the story is not to tamper with your AI unless you’re very confident that you should. There’s countless stories of people feeling a bit bloated, or having some itchy nips, and upping the adex, and crashing their E2 taking 2+ weeks to recover. AIs, especially arimidex are very strong and underestimated, not to mention not very good for you. They are overused in my opinion.


The key here is to use blood work rather then grasping in the dark. Your very right though, AIs aren’t to be messed with.


Absolutely. People are upping AIs, then when they get blood work they are shocked their E2 is in the single digits

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People are too paranoid at the idea of getting gyno.