First Cycle - Experience + Help Interpreting Bloodwork?

Hey guys! Adlawd here.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Currently 4 weeks into my first cycle and it’s been a wild ride. Looking for some guidance regarding my bloodwork, test levels and how much AI to use.

  • I am: 30, 172cm and 80kg - lifting on and off for most of my life.
  • My cycle: 100mg Test Prop EOD
  • HCG on Hand for my last 5 weeks
  • Arimidex on hand
  • Nolva 40/40/20/20 for PCT

For those browsing this and looking for insight I’ll briefly detail my experience.

My brother in-law is a long time user who had incredible results, I watched him go from a weedy kid into an absolute machine. I’d toyed with the idea of running a cycle but wanted to wait until I’d had my first kid and was a bit older. So now was the time.

I settled on doing Prop EOD as I wanted to keep stable levels, get it acting fast and was ok with the idea of pinning EOD. My first injection was an absolute nightmare. I did it in my right glute with the help of my BIL who was showing me the ropes. Within a few hours it was tender and sore, and I had what felt like the beginning of the flu. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck for about 4 days with a proper fucking flu, wether this was test flu, the actual flu, or both - I can’t say. The injection site was swollen and red and I was wondering if it was going to be like this every other time. I could barely sleep on my back or sit. I’d heard Prop could be nasty but I thought this was ridiculous. However, every other pin since had little to mild PiP and no real issues. I’ve been alternating quads with no issue, and getting my wife to do my glute if I need to train legs or have sore legs. It’s been fine.

I will say that those first few weeks are a psycological game. My sleep was restless, I was thinking about the next injection, I had the sweats at night (could’ve just been that initial flu). All adjustments I guess. But, soon, injecting becomes a quick and painless task.

How do I feel? My strength and recovery is fantastic. I’m eating in a calorie surplus and my weight is unchanging but I see my body recomping. People have commented on my posture, shoulders, etc. Libido is up, morning wood most days.

Side effects and blood results: This is the part I’m unsure of. I’ve not really experienced any of the high e2 sides that I’ve read about. BUT my e2 is high I think (452 when it should be <150)? Could be my inexperience to pick up on these things so could use some help.
I have not taken any Arimidex as of yet. I read in most places here and elsewhere that you should not take your AI unless you need it. Because I didn’t notice anything untoward, I have not started it. However, with these blood results, I feel like I could benefit from reducing my e2?


  • How high is my e2 in reality for being on this cycle?
  • How much arimidex and how often?
  • Are my test levels what you would expect for pinning 100mg EOD of Test Prop
  • Anything else worth noting?



  • Total Testosterone (Centaur) > 52* nmol/L (8.3-29)
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 22 nmol/L (11-71)
  • Calculated Free Testosterone 1638.1 pmol/L (255.0-725.0)


  • LH IU/L < 0.1 (<7)
  • OEST2 pmol/L 452 (<150)


  • AST 49 (<40)
  • ALT 45 (<40)

These were the only two out of range, but I also had just worked out prior to taking the blood test.

NB Test was taken approx. 4 hours after an injection.

Thanks for any help guys! Appreciate it!

That is some mighty high e2 for someone without any symptoms. I mean…that’s high as Hell, man, even for someone like me who preaches to not mess with e2 unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So in the interest of getting that down a little—even if you’re asymptotic—maybe take .25mg adex once a week. See how it feels. If it has a negative impact then you can always stop it. But with that high of a number you should be having symptoms. Unless the test was simply not right. Otherwise that’s a wild deviation. It’s 3x the top end of the range. Hard to believe you don’t feel something.

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Thanks for the response!

What sort of symptoms SHOULD I be feeling or seeing?

I was thinking .25mg Arimidex twice a week would be my starting point so your advice is fairly on par with what I was thinking.

Bloating, high bp, low sex drive, etc.

I could say there is some bloat on my face and stomach. My BP is slightly elevated at my last test but nothing crazy. Sex drive is ok, not raging. Get a morning wood every other day or so haha.

Just on this note regarding taking AI once a week. From what I’ve read the half life of Adex is 50 hours, similar to Test Prop - should I not be taking .25mg EOD as well to keep my levels stable? This is the part that I was unsure of. Would taking it once a week not mean my levels drop a reasonable amount, then rise? Should I be taking .25mg EOD on injection days, or on off days? Advice here welcome.

Half life of 50 hours means it works usually 100-150 hours and it clears the system after 250 hours. So it should work for one week. Also, it stops aromatization while estrogen is metabolized by the liver. So estrogen should steadily fall for at least one week.

Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. I’ve got a reminder set to take .25mg every Mon/Thurs having taken the first .25mg this past Monday. Will see how I feel on Thursday.

Anyone care to weigh in on my Test levels? Are they what you’d expect? My BIL had his blood work done and it was like 500~ test and 22000 free Test, insane!