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First Cycle Ever


Hi. I am a 25 year old male, and i’m going to start my first cycle on monday. I have been concidering this for a long time, and i finally feel ready.
I have read a lot about steroids and my only problem is the PCT. People have so many different oppinions about it, and it gets really confusing. I’m gonna list my planned cycle and i hope you will say go or no go.

Week 1-12: Testosterone enanthate 500mg/wk seperated into two injections per week.
Week 12-15: Stop injecting.
Week 15-19 Nolvadex 40mg/40mg/20mg/20mg daily for 4 weeks and Clomid 50mg daily for 4 weeks.

My diet is going really good at the moment, and im getting good fats and low cholestorol. Getting ZMA, multivitamin and fishoil too, and a lot of fruits and berries.

Does this sound like a cycle i could run fine as a “roid virgin”? Also i will have an AI such as Arimidex ready if i get any gyno symptoms.



If you’re doing a two SERM protocol then reduce the Clomid to 25mg/d for the last two weeks, just as you’ll do with the Nolva. Otherwise it looks good.


I recommend that you start the Aromasin at a very small dosage of 6.25 every 3rd day starting at the latest beginning week number 2, and then increase if you get high e symptoms like water retention / like brain fog / unfocused dick etc


Thank you very much for your answers, helped alot. I’m gonna get aromasin too and start it after week two like you said.

Another question, is stuff like aromasin, clomid and nolva often faked or is it pretty sure to buy it on the internet?


Go to eroidsdotcom and read the reviews about the different sources :slight_smile:


I am responding to your question about the Nolvadex/aromasin being faked.

This advice should be heeded by ANYONE using AAS when ordering from the internet. Go find the companies selling raw powder. Email them and ask for a price sheet. Try to get as many as possible but at least three for this purpose. This will give you an idea of what the raw ingredients cost for anything you might use in conjunction with your cycle. Once you have your sheet get a calculator and figure out the cost of the active ingredients in a dose and in a bottle. When you do that you can see why some many people fake primo and but not testosterone enanthate. The majority of fakes out there are actually substitutions. Meaning you get a mix of dbol and winstrol instead of anavar.

When you calculate the cost remember that stuff like a t3 dose is measured in “mcg” not “mg.”

The point of all of this is Nolvadex, clomide, aromasin and arimidex are just not that costly per dose. Arimidex is more costly than aromasin per mg but arimidex is a 1 mg dose and aromasin is a 25 mg dose. I forget which one is more costly per dose.

Provided you order from a legit source then chances are you will get the compound you ordered and it will be within +or- 10 percent of the labled dosage strength.


I would caution anyone against using arimidex from any UGL unless they are well known for having serious, pharma-style equipment. Working with small doses requires very, very precise scales. 1g of raw anastrozole makes 1,000 tablets of 1mg. If you’ve ever seen what 1g of anastrozole looks like you’ll know just how little space it actually takes up. The chance that the dose is inaccurate is extremely high without precision measuring equipment. Unless you’re getting pharma grade I would try to avoid anastrozole if possible.


@iron_yuppie that is exactly why making a suspension is ideal for personal use


Absolutely. I would not trust a research chem company or a UGL with something like that when it’s just safer to do it yourself.


Well i found a friend who have got me some Test e, arimidex, Clomid and nolvadex.
I should be good to go now right? So nervous about hitting a nerve when injecting.
Thanks for the answers tho


Is the test E pharma grade of from a reputable UGL? Not all UGL’s are the same, some will cut corners with quantity being the priority over quantity. Therefore one could end up with a inadequately sterilized, underdosed product. I’d suggest you do some research on the UGL before pinning if you do in fact have UGL grade gear (but that’s just me, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac).

As to hitting a nerve, if you practice proper injection technique you should be fine, if you are really worried about it you can pin sub Q, this eliminates the chance of hitting a nerve. However it may (at least in my case it does) create little blobs of irritation around the injection site, if you are concerned about aesthetics this can be a problem as the blobs could blur abdominal definition or be considered unsightly.

Ill just give you a detailed explanation on how to do an IM injection

So let’s say you want to draw 1ml from the vial (assuming you have vials) draw 1ml of air into the syringe, stick the syringe in the vial and push the 1ml of air into the syringe, this makes it easier to draw the oil as it creates a kind of pressure seal around the vial. Slowly draw out the desired amount of test. You can use a bigger needle to draw and a smaller one to pin as a larger gauge needle size will allow you to draw the test quicker. Aspirate the syringe and apply an alcohol swab around the area you are injecting. Pinch the skin slightly around the area you want to inject so that the skin feels right. Insert the needle at a slight angle and pull back on the plunger slightly to make sure no blood comes into the needle, if there’s blood then try again. Slowly push contents of the syringe into the desired spot, the slower the injection typically the less it’ll sting (if it stings at all). If this is your first ever injection it may hurt a bit afterwards but the PIP reduces dramatically after the first few injections.

Have fun on your cycle


The main thing i am concerned about is hitting a nerve and causing something dangerous to happen. I’m planning to inject in the glutes and shoulder muscles. I have watched a lot of guides to injecting. If i inject in these areas, should i be safe?


I’ve probably done literally about 100 injections and I’ve never had anything seriously adverse happen. I can’t guarantee you won’t hit a nerve, but if you practice proper injection technique it’s very unlikely.

Shoot high up on the side of your glute, this negates/dramatically reduces the already low chance of hitting the sciatic nerve. You can’t keep living life worrying about these types of things otherwise nothing will ever be enjoyable.


I just did my first 250mg test E injection. Had a friend doing it to me in the shoulder muscle. Didn’t feel bad at all, tho i almost fainted after the injection but of course that would have been because i was nervous. Felt good 5 minutes after.

I think i’m gonna have a friend inject me through all of the first cycle.
I got some Arimidex home and will start them if i get any gyno symptoms. Nolvadex and Clomid i also got home today for PCT.
Wish me luck guys