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First Cycle Ever

To start off I have been lifting all through highschool as I played all the team sports. Last year I got in a brutal car crash broke my collar bone and three ribs. I finally have built enough strength up again to start lifting and I want to take my first cycle of Test Prop to get back to where I was before my accident. I used to weigh about 200\210 pounds and really lean. Now i weigh 172 pounds 25.2% body fat with a BMI of 23. to be honest though I dont give a shit about any of those numbers beside the weigh. Enough about me though and on to the Test Prop. I have been doing some research lately and basically what i have gathered was 100 EOD @ 3 to 5 times a week for 8 weeks for a program while training 5 times a week. I also heard that the ventrogluteal and glute site were the best to hit.

So my questions are:

  1. Is that progam suitable for a first timer while my goal being to gain 15+ pounds? Particularly curious on the dosage.

  2. Are the sites I mentioned the best?

  3. I am confused on what it is i need to take (supplement wise) after the 8 weeks and what they do

Sorry for all the basic first day of class type of questions hope yall can clarify some stuff for me


My advice is to forget about cycling at the moment. Concentrate on your training and get leaner first. People with high bodyfat percentage tend to develop problems when they are using gear.

This. And, it’s a shortcut that won’t last. You’re missing quite a few pieces to the cycle and you should continue reading. In fact, there are about a hundred other posts just like this one on this forum. Frankly, you’re lucky you acknowledged that you are asking [quote=“drocinit, post:1, topic:217077”]
first day of class type of questions
[/quote] because, you haven’t really [quote=“drocinit, post:1, topic:217077”]
been doing some research lately

Get your gainz back legit before cycling or it’s a waste.

Thanks for the replies yall. like you said ill keep working at getting that weight up and doing more research. but if anyone else has opinions please share them

If you are not intending to do this long term, since what you seem to be saying is that all you want is to get back to where you were before your accident, don’t start using.