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First Cycle Ever

Hi, I’m 23 years old and I’ve been training for 5 and a half years. My diet is perfect during summer but in the winter I might get a little fat, since I love to eat. My current stats are 73-74kg(in the winter i was 84kg i was overeating),176cm and about 7-8% bodyfat(yes its that low, my diet is perfect).

My training routine is to lift heavy low reps and lots of sets when bulking and in the summer i like to do lighter weight with more reps. I know exactly what I’m doing, but now I’m doing research about steroids(sustanone especially).

I want to take it to the next level. But the thing here is that I don’t want to be dependent on steroids if you know what I mean. I dont want some substance to be the reason for my good looks and good mass. So I’m asking here if its possible to do one cycle only and then continue to upgrade my body(with mass and details) naturally. I just want to kickstart my weak shoulders and traps.

I’m mentaly very strong and I’m sure that i won’t do another cycle later. Tell me, is this possible? Will I have to battle with maintaining the mass? Will I lose the mass? Will I be able to get more mass naturally after finishing? Will my mass gained on steroids drop at first and will i be later gaining more mass naturally?

I started going to gym at 17 and I was at 59kg with atleast 13-15% bodyfat. So i think that I already did a lot naturally, but im not at the natural maxximum peak yet. Is this worth? Or would you suggest me to stay natural and try to make these shoulders n traps grow naturally:)

Sorry for the long post xD, but i wanted you to understand exactly what I mean.

No. Steroids are a long term decision.

I expected this:) Thank you sir for the answer, I will wait for some more replies but I think that I’ll stay natural then if steroids can’t be used one time as a boost. Afterall im 23, I can still gain a lot natural I think…

No such thing as only one cycle.

One time boost? ) Well, I think (I am far from being an expert) if you’ve reached your genetic potential that’s pretty much it for natural gains. But I doubt that’s the case. You’re young and if you need to improve certain muscle groups there are training techniques you can find designed to break plateaus.
Having said that, what you can try accomplishing by doing a cycle to is induce hyperplasia (creation new cells in muscle tissue) where you combine AAS + HGH + MGF. Not sure about MGF, vets can chime on that one, but Test + HGH do promote hyperplasia. Opposing to hypertrophy where you just make your existing cells bigger, you could end up with more cells to grow in future.

Beginner cycle is Test 500mg per week. As far as HGH goes look at BBB protocol.