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First Cycle Ever


Hey guys, 1st post ever and ill try hard not to mess it up. I'm thinking of trying an Anavar only as my first cycle ever. I don't pretend to know everything about anavar, so I figured I would learn from others who do. I've read countless articles about anavar, both science based and experience based, but there still seems to be a few things I'm unclear about.

First up, I'm 35 yrs old, 5'11" and 185lbs. Im thinking of anavar for 2 main reasons. First, I'm a little nervous of the potential side effects and health problems of the stronger stuff and instead of jumping in the deep end of the pool, I'd rather wade in on the shallow end holding a pool noodle. Second, I'm more looking for the athletic,lean look as opposed to trying to gain as much muscle as possible. From my research, it seems anavar is the way to go. But reading articles doesn't replace actually doing it, so I come to you guys for your advice and knowledge.

My plan would be 50 of anavar every day for 2 months. I would start in the spring but for the next few months I would do a clean bulk then do a cut with the anavar. I'm unsure as to whether a post cycle recovery is needed with anavar like other drugs, and do I need to worry about estrogen conversion/man boob and hair loss. Better to know that now before its too late. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


THere have been a dozen anavar cycle threads posted within the last 2 months.

Use the damn search function. It's there for a reason


Sorry if I ruined your day bonez. Thanks for the help.


Lol typical melodramatic response from an skinny middle aged guy


Thanks sweetie! I get it, you're a big tough guy and I'm just a piece of shit because I don't know as much as you. Sorry if my making the wise decision to educate myself about something before doing it bothers you. Sorry if my willingness to actually seek advice from others more knowledgeable than myself in the subject bothers you. Sorry if my not being familiar with the forum bothers you. I did take your advice and searched for answers to my questions, and for that I thank you. But did you really have to be such a dick about it?


I started an anavar only thread and it pissed people off, and I realise now why.

Firstly, there really are about a million threads about var only. You can use the search function on the site, although in my experience it works a little better just to use google and add the words T-Nation. So for example "anavar only cycle T-Nation" will bring up about a million hits.

Secondly, an anavar only cycle sucks balls. This became very apparent when I researched a little more. I too thought that a var only cycle sounded awesome; a few more pounds of muscle, awesome strength gains, hardening effect... what's not to like?

Well, as it turns out, the whole "anavar is mild" argument is a pile of pish. Anavar will shut you down just the same as any other steroid, so you are still taking a risk with your hormones. Also, the idea that it is safer because it is an oral steroid is wrong too. If you are going to take a risk with your health then why do it for a few measly lbs? Better off just running a (relatively) low dose test only cycle. It'll do what you think the var is going to and then some. Cheaper too.

As for the "athletic lean look" idea you've had, nothing wrong with that, however that is much more a function of your DIET than anything else.

Now, I haven't run a cycle yet, so there is absolutely no advice I can give you as to what to use, but everything I've told you so far is the response I got from asking about a var only cycle. I hope it's of some use and you will reconsider var only. You'll just have to trust that the info I've given you was given to me by people MUCH more knowledgeable.

And seriously, don't take it so personally when someone questions you on an internet forum. They're just words on a screen. I haven't posted here for very long but Bonez gave me some VERY useful advice once I'd taken a bit more time to do some research, and I'm sure you'll get the same treatment once you've learned a little more.

In short: var only sucks, rethink you cycle, research a bit more and come back for advice once you know a bit more about it. That's what I did and I'm glad I did.

Hope that helps...


It does, thank you. Especially saying that the risk/reward isn't quite what I thought it might be. That's the type of info I was hoping to get, for better or worse. Everything I have read, and its been a lot, has been contradictory. It runs the full spectrum from gain 20 lbs of lean muscle while fat melts away to it being totally worthless. I realize those are 2 extremes and couldn't possibly be the truth so I was looking for real world testimonials. I have been reading some of the threads on this forum, but they too are contradictory as to expected results.

I was hoping to find something that worked reasonably well while minimizing the need to take other products to prevent the estrogen related side effects and pct rebooting of the system and hair loss too. I'm sure I sound like a moron to some people on here, but you have to learn sometime, and I don't want to be the guy scheduling breast reduction surgery because I didn't ask questions.


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I was in the EXACT same boat as you man! Confusing isn't it? There's so much contradictory info on var only cycles, you just have to work out what sources to trust. That's why I posted my questions here. There are a few posters (I won't name names, but if you read enough threads you'll realise the ones that really know their stuff. One hint though, 2 have posted in this thread and neither of them are me) that know what they're talking about and will be very helpful, but you'll need to do some research of your own first.

Anyway like I said I haven't even ran a cycle yet (starting after the festive season), so there' no more help I can give you. I do advise you read the stickies at the top of the list of threads.

Good luck!


Better to ask than not to ask. If someone does give you a harsh reponse don't worry because its only the internet and a lot of people are like this online and may be nothing like it in real life. On the plus side you were reminded about the search facility and as a result rds told you a better way to search so I guess its more of a positive than a negative :slightly_smiling:

If you want to stay lean it is going to have to do with your diet too and test can be used as part of a cutting cycle. So, as stated before, you may be better running test and eating clean. I haven't used var myself but am currently on test and dbol and its all good so far. No spots, no lumps, feel incredibly good and gained a lot more than I thought I would. Nothing bad to say about it but oral only cycles are known to be a less wise choice.


Im a dick for telling you to do the equivalent of reading the instruction manual for a hand powered can opener but youre not a dick for posting the same exact same shit that dozens of others post here on a monthly basis?

Grow up clown. There ARE such things as stupid questions.


No, you were a dick for your attitude. You could have tried something like "hey buddy, you're obviously new here, try the search feature. Topics been beaten to death already." This is the first time that I've really used a forum, so I honestly had no idea of the search feature. And if I had to venture a guess, I would bet that 99% of all new threads have been covered before in depth so if all previously covered topics weren't allowed to post, this site would be nothing but an online encyclopedia and photo gallery.


That's a really convenient excuse for being a mentally-lazy sack of shit. I too am VERY sick of all these bullshit oral-only cycle posts from newbs that do NO research whatsoever. They come here with NO posts, demanding advice, then bounce. Why the fuck should those people be helped at all? Fuck them.

Oh, and hey OP, FUCK YOU TOO.


And your equating taking steroids for the first time to the use of a can opener is off the mark. I'm sure an apendectomy is a "can opener" to an experienced surgeon or flying a plane is a "can opener" to a pilot. I bet that no matter how much you read on those tasks, you wouldn't dare attempt them without talking to others who have.

Taking steroids in an improper way can have far more serious repercussions than fumbling with a can opener. Now I'm sorry if we got off on the wrong foot. I'm not trying to be "lazy" and have others do my work for me, but experience is invaluable. This forum is only one of the avenues that I'm taking advantage of in my research on this matter. I'm reading and re-reading everything I can get my hands on but I also value the experience of others, including yours.



Youre more than welcomed to post 'beaten to death' topics. But doing so necessarily opens the door to a harsh response.

Are you unlucky to be the guy who posted a var only cycle thread after a dozen others have within the past few months? Yea, probably. Oh well. Sucks.


No. I equated using the search function to using a can opener.


Fair enough, I was wrong on that. And now that I know where the instructions to the can opener are, I'm sure I find help with some of the questions I have, and learn from others experiences.


If you are "new" to these forums.. you should have been reading these forums before even posting and used the search function to find your answers. You are basically too lazy to find the answer on your own and you want others to do the research for you instead of doing it yourself. You Are L A Z Y.

Jesus there is so much information about steroids on this site alone and some many other sites on the web it's ridiculous. I have yet have had to start a thread asking for information or advise on this site cause you can find it yourself so fast.

I'm glad Bonez responded the way he did.


You have it wrong mango. Yes I'm new to forums. I did read through many, many threads and read countless other articles on the web. There was just so much information that was contradictory to each other. What I was hoping to gain from asking questions in this forum was actual knowledge from people who have done that specific drug before.

I have no idea who wrote all the articles that I've read. I have no idea if they have any actual experience/knowledge on that particular drug. For all I know, some editor asked one of his writers to come up with an article without any actual knowledge on the subject. With all the articles being so different from one another, what am I to trust? What I am pretty sure of however, is that people in this forum have used or know of others who have used anavar. That's why I asked here, IN ADDITION to the last few months reading about it as much as I could.

The whole thing with Bonez was that I didn't realize I could narrow down my searches using the "search" feature, and that would take me directly to what I was looking for. I was reading the thread titles, and reading the ones that I thought might pertain to me. So I wasn't being "lazy", I was just ignorant to the search feature. In fact, I believe I'm being the exact opposite of lazy in doing my due dilligence before I jump into this. I'm not just some kid who grabbed some stuff from some guy at the gym and taking it without knowing exactly what it does and potential risks.


My advice would be not to waste money on the anavar and instead just use that money on clean food. Anavar at 50 ED won't do shit.