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First Cycle Ever - This Is my Game Plan

Hi Guys,

I am about to begin my first simple 15 week cycle using Test E, I have been doing a lot of reading and research and have put together a game plan.
I am still a little unsure about how to use the HCG in my PCT though.
If anyone has some constructive feedback or advice about my following plan that would be great!!


Weeks 1-5

400mg Test E (200mg X2/W)
15mg Arimadex EOD

Weeks 5-15

500mg Test E (250mg X2/W)
15mg Arimadex EOD

Weeks 15-16.5

500iu HCG ED

Weeks 17-18

100mg Clomid ND
20mg Nolva ND

Weeks 18-20

50mg Clomid ED
20mg Nolva ED

Week 21

20mg Nolva ED