First Cycle Ever - Test E/Var

I’m starting my first cycle this week. My stats are, 5’9, 160, 23 yo, 8.8% BF

Bench - 305 x 1 rep
Squat - 345 x 1 rep
Dead Lift - 350 x 1 rep.

I have been lifting hard for about 7 years. I have never done any supplementation or anything besides creatine and protein, and my diet is clean.

Cycle is:

Weeks 1-8 Test E 350mg once a week (every wed)
Weeks 4-10 Anavar 40mg ED
Weeks 10-12 PCT Nolva 40/20/20

Should I use Possibly A-Dex at 0.25 mg EOD? And for what weeks if I should? Do you think I’ll need it? Is there anything I’m missing?

My goals are to just gain 15 pounds LBM while maybe dropping down to 7% BF before summer. I know its my golden cycle and i should be doing a heavy bulk but I don’t want to gain more than 15 lbs.

The support supps I have are : Anabolic Innovations Life Support (has liver, prostate, cholesterol, and BP support), Glucosamine/Chondroitin, R ALA, Saw Palmetto, and omega 3,6,9

My diet will remain clean, I intend to try to take in 4500-5000 Calories a day including one weight gainer drink with 1000 calories in it at night. I have whey protein for immediately following workout and casein for every night. I’m trying to figure out if I need to take the adex, and what kind of results I can expect? I train 4 days a week, and trust me my diet is clean.

My questions are simply in the cycle, if I’m doing it correctly to minimize sides, and what the results I can expect off of those dosages/stats. not the training.

I really appreciate it

Few things…

  • Youre too young. Yeah I know you wont listen, but I always feel its necessary to say so. Id suggest making sure you research all the risks youre assuming by using at your age.

  • Your dose is a bit low in my opinion. Youre just a bit higher than a TRT dose. I suggest 500mg/wk for 8-10 weeks. Even only wanting to gain 15lbs, your dose is still too low.

  • Your injection frequency is not frequent enough. Test E should be injected twice a week. Mon/Thurs is a typical protocol. Injecting more frequent keeps your blood levels stable and will minimize gyno related sides due to your levels not going up and down weekly. Even with the low dose I would never suggest injecting once a week & since you are wanting to minimize sides I would definitely suggest injecting 2x/week.

  • Nolva dose I would do 40/40/20/20

  • Adex i would leave out unless you get a flare up. Knowing how you react to Test E by itself is a good thing to know for future cycle planning. Different compounds effect your body in different ways & to know how they effect you is worth its weight in gold.



Thanks for the reply bro. What would be the right age to do my first cycle? From my research it looked like 23 would be a pretty good time to start, I’m pretty sure i’m done growing because I’m the same height as my brother who is 26 and my dad. I haven’t grown in about 3 years.

Thanks for the info on test, i’ll bump it up to 500. And I’ll do it twice a week, m/t of 250 each shot? What if I did 2 200mg shots a week for 400/wk? Why do the test dosages need to be all the way at 500? I’m just curious because I read that anavar alone with a 200mg test maintenance dosage would be able to give me that 15 lbs, and the maintenance dosage was just to keep some test in their when i’m shut down.

Other thing is, you are saying not to use adex because I should see if I am gyno prone first? I thought adex was better to use because cant people develop late gyno? I just figured it would help the most with the sides.

And should I be taking a weight gainer? I didnt know if the calories in a weight gainer were not the kind I should be looking for on a cycle. but since i’m taking var i’d imagine i’ll get really lean gains and I wanted to make sure I get that 15 lbs. Just trying to see if I should stick to protein and a good diet or if i could add a weight gainer in the mix before sleep.

And no need for hcg either? I am definitely scared as hell of the thought of gyno thats why i wanted to make sure i wasn’t risking it.

No problem bro.

As far as the age thing goes… genetic potential is something most of us do not wait for before starting AAS use. You dont necessarily HAVE to wait till this point, but most 23 y/o’s are not anywhere near this point both physically and mentally so i usually suggest them to wait. You may be ready for gear. Its really up to you to read and assume the risks and go about it in a mature manner because these are extremely powerful compounds youre considering using. But at the same time they can be used safely just like with most things in life.

As far as the test dose, 400mg/wk would suffice its usually as low as i suggest anyone to take unless its a replacement dose. 350mg/wk is an OK dose its just a bit low. 400/500mg are typical doses that are high enough to really get all the benefits of the test use. 500 being the most commonly used and would definitely get you to your goals.

AIs are very good to use while on cycle and can usually keep everything under control. If you really want to stay on the safe side, by all means go for it and use an AI while on cycle. I have found it very useful knowing which compounds effect me in which ways when planning future cycles. So I pass my experience on to others. Up to you which path to take.

Typically I take weight gainers while on because I consume as many cals as possible. Its really up to you with your goals, diet, etc. Diet is very important while on & you should definitely have that down pat before starting your cycle. How many cals do you typically eat & what does your diet typically entail?

HCG will help with bouncing back post cycle, but only being 8 weeks you should bounce back fine without it.



Sounds good man. I’m planning on doing 350mg/wk for 10 weeks, along with var starting week 5 (at 35 mg/wk) and running it for 7 weeks until the first day of PCT.

Anyways, I did my first shot yesterday of the E, I did roughly 175 mg. Today, my arm is sore as hell. I did it in my right arm. I’m a pretty lean guy right now and I didn’t know if it has anything to do with soreness. Is that normal to be pretty sore? I aspirated and no blood, so i’m positive i didnt hit a vein.

Also, should I be frontloading? I keep hearing that the first week I should double up, so do 750 mg? Just wanted your opinion.

Oh and I decided not to go with an Ai. I figured I’d see how my body reacts, its only 350 mg/wk and if I need adex later, I can find a way to get it. (although i should probably have it on hand just in case, but i really think i’ll be ok with just nolva)

But yeah, thoughts on frontloading? and wheres the best place to hit the E? a buddy of mine had mad problems hittin his quad and glute and said his arms were the only thing he could handle. i’m wondering if i have some allergic reaction too or somethin since its real sore, and it was hard to breathe today and last night.

although its allergy season so i have no fing clue

preciate it