First Cycle: Estrogen Shutdown

Hey all!

I’m 23yo, 14% BF, 198pounds, 4 years lifting experience.

I’m currently on my first cycle, my bloods have shown that by the third week my Estrogen has crashed/shutdown. I go back tomorrow night to the specialist to confirm and play my strategy from there.

My guess is from yes, what a lot of people say about not touching arimidex until needed (so I don’t need a roasting for that :joy: I’ve given myself that!). Only was 0.25mg EOD but I now know I shouldn’t have touched it.

My cycle looks like:
500mg Test E a week split over 2 250mg shots.
0.25mg Arimidex EOD

From how I “feel”, from how I would normally feel, i would say I feel relatively flat, tired, fatigued, maybe a little just upset? Haha

My question is, has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to correct it? What am I in for?

Thanks heaps! Appreciate it in advance

It’ll come back as you continue your cycle. The best solution is to pop a few dbol, but I doubt you have any on hand. Other than that you just need to wait it out.

I’ve noticed pretty decent gains so far!

I’m guessing they’d possibly be held back a little bit from the poor Estrogen?

Not just held back. Non-existent. You need estrogen. It’s highly anabolic and it’s (almost) every bit as important to gaining muscle as testosterone.

Hmm interesting! Very curious to see bloods again tomorrow night now, because I’ve definitely gotten good gains so far.

Appreciate your help mate :slight_smile:

What’s your strength been like?

It’s been good, gained decent strength on compound movements. Nothing spectacular, like I haven’t been like “wow!! I’m so strong now” haha, For an example Flat Bench Press, could probably move 100kg for 5 or so reps, now I’d say I’d be hitting 115kg for similar reps.

But I definitely feel stronger