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First Cycle (EQ/Winny orals)... Advice needed.


I was looking at doing my first 8 week cycle of EQ/Winny(oral) and need to know a few things... I got all the necessary gear (EQ 500mg/ml 10 ml, Winny 15mg 100 caps, and of course a few boxes of Clomid for Post). The EQ and Winny are made by golden triangle pharmaceutical.

One thing i was curious about was the 500mg/ml 10ml EQ. I've never read about anyone using it, only the 200mg/ml. Comments ? Do you think it would hurt more than the 200mg/ml at injection site?

Anyways... If I wanted to do an 8 week cycle of EQ-400-500mg/week, and the Winny at 45mg/ed(3 caps/ed for 4 1/2 weeks) when should I stop the EQ to keep it at an 8 week cycle? And should I do the Winny during the last 4 weeks? Also, do you think that 25mg Clomid/ed throughout cycle is good enough? Then 50mg/ed Post for 3 weeks ?

Advise appreciated ! Won't start until then.

Thanks !!!


i would definitely add to test to this cycle at least 500mg per week.

as far as eq's half life. im pretty sure gt makes the eq propinate or something like that. which one did you get? that will make a huge difference.


As far as if it is propinate or not I'll have to get back to you on that (waiting for response on that question). I REALLY wanted to add Test to this but the whole acne issue related to it turned me off (i'm very prone to acne... 28 and can't get rid of it, although it's very mild now though) that's why I chose these specific drugs. But hey, I guess if i want to go that extra mile with aas then I should be willing to pay the consequences eh? How much retainable gains in general could i expect to have with/without the Test?

I appreciate your time trying to help me with this P-Dog.


i looked it up and your eq is actually Boldenolone Undecylenate. this form of eq has one of the longest half lifes of any drug. somewhere around 14 days. expect the drug to remain in your system for at least 3 weeks after your last injection.

as far as acne goes, yes the test may increase your already pre-existing problem. however, eq is known to do this as well. there are drugs you can use to combat the acne issue.

perhaps you could add tren at 50-75mg per day rather than the test if you are dead set against it. tren/eq/winny would probably lead to some pretty nice lean, hard gains.


It's Boldenolone Undecylenate.


I would look in to roaccutane from Roche. It's active ingredient is isotretinoin. It hinders closing of your skin-pores.
And lowers your body's production of talc -permanently. It has a few sideeffects (I personally never experienced any).
It could be a great help for you. The big problem with not adding test is you'll feel like shit and you won't get the gains you expect.
But I'll leave it to the vets to elaborate


"The big problem with not adding test is you'll feel like shit and you won't get the gains you expect.
But I'll leave it to the vets to elaborate"

i would sure appreciate if YOU could elaborate on this statement.


The Tren is something i'm going to seriously consider before I start anything, definitly interested. So do you recommend using the Tren ed for the whole 8 weeks? Or just until I start the Winny (week 4). Then discontinuing the EQ for week 7 and 8(?).

Thanks again!


another thing... I've read that EQ injections are pretty painless. How does this compare with Tren? Being an everyday thing, will my poor butt be on fire daily? Just curious...


tren does not hurt either. some people like to limit their tren to 6 weeks or less because of recovery issues. personally i have used it for 8 weeks with no problems. tren ed, eq once or twice per week. you can mix them in the same syringe to reduce the amount of pricks you give yourself.


test is the king of androgens my friend. i would not, and do not run a cycle without it. period. 500mgs/wk as pdog suggested would work nicely. the eq you have from gt may hurt a bit at that concentration. i am on GT's 200mg/ml eq right now and it is painless, but the 500 should hurt. i would suggest cutting it. 8 weeks at 500mgs/wk of eq and test with 5 weeks of winny at 60-75mgs should be a nice cycle. dont forget nolva and clomid.


Ok... you've talked me into it. Going to give that a go and see what happens.

So what do you guys recommend for cutting the EQ with? Also, would i also want to cut using gt's Test Enth 400mg/ml ?

At those doses would nolva 10mg/ed be enough throughout cycle? That's what i've read just wanted to make sure. Then of course the pct.

Thanks guys.


the higher the concentration the more painful it wil be. so the 400mg/ml enethate will probabaly hurt quite a bit. you can cut the eq with sterile oil. or simply cut it with another injectable with a lower concentration.


Unlike some other drugs, EQ dissolves in oil, so even if you have the 500mg/ml stuff it should be relatively, if not completely painless. In fact I have used 500mg/ml EQ to cut other injectables - though I have never used GT.

Now 400mg/ml Test is going to hurt, so cut that with your EQ or with sterile oil.

I ran a EQ/Primo/Anavar cycle once and towards the end I did wish I would have used at least a replacement dose of Test. You could add 200mg/wk of Test to your stack and this should not aggravate your acne while still allowing you to feel good.

Now as far as LBM gain, EQ and Winny is more of a cutting stack, but if you eat big I don't see why you can't make gains in the 10lb range off your proposed cycle. They'll be lean gains, so that's not bad.


Excellent! Thanks for the good info/news Warhorse (and everyone else). That's the route i'm going to go -- 500eq/200test/45winny...8 weeks. Now, with adding the Test is 50mg clomid still sufficient? Or maybe 10mg nolva ?

Last question... I promise -grin-


i run MUCH heavier cycles and get away just fine on 20mgs/ed of nolva. i am talking over 2g's per week of androgens. i am sure you will be fine with 10mgs/ed. if you become estro sensative, simply up the nolva dosage.