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First Cycle EQ VS Test E


Ive been doing a lot of reading the past couple months, and feel like Im ready to get started. Im 5'9 165. Im a baseball player and Im looking to put on about 10-12 pounds of muscle. Any more than that will definitely do me more harm than good.

That being said Im also pretty worried about side effects, my hair is already making a run for it, and I dont wanna be running around with nuts the size of peas for the next 3 months. So, Im toying around with two different ideas.

I realize everyone says a test e or test c are best for first cycles, but considering my goals and concerns, I cant find a reason why I shouldnt go something like 400 EQ/40 VAR for twelve weeks instead. Would it not be the slightly milder cycle, and one that is the most likely to put the right amount of weight on me?