First Cycle Eating

Hey BODZ!! You suggested I take Test Enanthate for my first steroid cycle. My next question is what should my eating habits be like (what to eat, how my cals, carbs, protein, etc). Also, I just wanted to thank you for all of your advice. You have been a great help!!!

If you put down your fork you’re not eating enough. That’s what I’ve heard. Might as well eat all you can, otherwise it’s just a waste.

Max, bri is right. I would start off with making sure you are getting 1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight. Make this 30-40% of your diet. Make carbs 40-50% and fat 20%. Example: If you weigh 200, eat 300g protein, 500g carbs and 89g fat. Here is the formula: 1.5 (grams of pro.) x 200 (bodyweight) = 300 (grams of protein daily). 300 x 4 (calories per gram) = 1200 (protein calories). 1200 divided by .30 (30% ratio of calories) = 4000 (total calories). 4000 x .50 (carb ratio) = 2000 (carb calories). 2000 divided by 4 = 500 (carb grams daily). 4000 x .20 (fat ratio) = 800 (fat calories). 800 divided by 9 (calories per gram) = 89 (fat grams daily). You don’t have to be real strict on eating an oatmeal only type diet, you can loosen up a little on the carbs and have the rice, potato, pasta, whole grain bread. If you start to look a little “fluffy” (my name for fat), change the ratio to 40%, 40%, 20%. For 200lb, this is 3000cal. (300g pro, 300g carb, 67g fat). Good luck.