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First Cycle E Prone

Well here it is…
Cycle: 500mg test cyp week 1-12
On cycle: 12.5mg Aromasin 2 - 14
PCT: Nolva 20mg 14 - 18
Pretty basic but I hope that all makes sense, Basically running the AI early as I’m gyno prone naturally.
What do you guys think?

You should be ok. Any reason for the aromasin rather than arimidex? I know everyone is different. I myself definitely seem to aromatize test better than the next guy and I only need aromasin when I get up close to a gram a week of aromatizing compounds.

If you are looking at this for a first cycle and for whatever reason you just choose aromasin then I would just see how hard or easy it would be to get arimidex in case the aromasin doesn’t do it for you. Usually guys pick arimidex and I recommend them just knowing how hard it would be to get aromasin. In my experience aromasin does seem to be the more intense AI when compared to arimidex so y recommendation is really just being overly cautious.

Also keep in mind aromasin has a half life of 8-9 hours so if something does start to develop on cycle I would say your increase should be to dose every day. If 12.5 EOD doesn’t do it then on the other day add in 6.25 or so, wait a few days following that schedule and then increase accordingly.

While I agree with some of this, the half life data of aromasin is misleading. Yes the drug has a shirt half life, but the effective life of the drug is closer to three days. If you read studies showing maximum estrogen suppression, the effects last about 72/96 hours as it is a suicidal inbitior and it takes about that long for the body to create more aromatase enzymes and to begin rebuilding the levels of circulating estrogens in the body.

I agree with you that at that level of test there is likely no need for an AI at all.

I guess you may have changed my mind about the AI, I just read that in some cases it doesn’t affect the bloods as bad as arimidex does. I need an AI because I get sensitive nipples even though I’m natural! thanks for the info guys… going to do some more research on it