First Cycle During TRT (Blast)

Hi there,

I’m 24, been on TRT for 2 years:
62.5mg sub-Q T enanthate 2 X week (total 125mg EW) , 250IU sub-Q HCG 2X week (total 500IU EW).
about 1 MG Liquidex EW (divided into a daily dose) - which is keeping my E2 spot on.

and have been feeling great.

after long considerations I decided to start the following basic cycle:
1-10 Testosterone enanthate 500mg/ EW
1-10 HCG 500 iu/ EW

for PCT:
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 mg/ED 13-16
no clomid. (right?)

I just have a few questions before i’ll start:

  1. is that PCT OK? basically i’ll be returning to my TRT T dosage during the PCT right? no clomid needed?
  2. what should I do with the HCG during the PCT? keep it as usual or stop it a week before? and when can I start taking it again if so?
  3. for the Liquidex - what should be the right dosage during the cycle? is it true that if I get my T 4 times the base, I should be taking 4 times the AI to keep the E2 levels the same , meaning 4 MG EW? or is it too much?
  4. and lastly, what should i do with the Liquidex during the PCT? when to stop it and when to start taking it again…

sorry I have many questions,
appreciate any help.

if you are going right back to your trt dose after your 10 weeks of test @ 500mg/wk then there is no need for pct. ever heard of blast and cruising?

obviously you’ve heard of blast considering its in your title haha sorry. just go back to your cruise dose after the 10 weeks.

thanks very much for the quick reply,

Ok so traditional PCT is not necessary (clomid),
but are you sure I don’t need nolva at the end of the cycle?
shouldn’t I be worry of the high estrogen leftovers?

In addition, please help me with the Liquidex dose - what should be the right dosage during the cycle? is it true that if I get my T 4 times the base, I should be taking 4 times the AI to keep the E2 levels the same , meaning 4 MG EW? or is it too much?

and please help me to get the end of my cycle clear:

  1. should I rest a few days for T levels to come down or get straight back to my T TRT dose?
  2. accordingly, when exactly should I return to the old Liquidex dosage?
  3. should I ever stop with the HCG, and if so when do I start it again?

thanks again.

You don’t need the nolva. Just go back to your regular trt regimen the next week. T levels will gradually come back to normal range over a couple of weeks. Don’t worry too much about your E2 going through the roof. This is a mild cycle and a lot of guys do it with no AI at all.

Not saying you dont need the AI, I just don’t think you need 4x the dosage

def use the ai just not 4x the dosage. double would be fine

thank you very much Teufel0317 and tyler_j_reed,

just to be sure - any other thoughts anyone?

no pct needed, just adjust ai dose accordingly, .25mg eod - .5mg eod should be good depending on your response, know the signs of low and high estro.

thanks eatliftsleep,
so the recommendation is to adjust the liquidex, stay on HCG all the time, and to return to TRT dosage after the end of the cycle.

should I wait 2 weeks before returning to my TRT dose to have my T level back to normal again?
and when exactly should I lower back the AI dose?
shouldn’t I be worry of e2 rebound at the end of the cycle?

thanks again

by waiting two weeks, do you mean not injecting anything? I wouldn’t do that, I would just start back up on my normal trt dose, or you can even taper down to it if you’d like. all depends on when your follow up bloodwork with your doctor is. you want to have enough time to let your t levels get into normal ranges.

For a.i. dose, I don’t think you are going to have much of a problem with this because your blast is pretty mild. Just taper it down week by week.

Forgot to add, I see you are 24, so if you want to or plan to ever have kids hcg would be a good idea to be on until you do so. You can always freeze sperm, or do a quick restart protocol when the time comes but there are no guarantees.

thanks again eatliftsleep, I think you got it all covered :slight_smile:

you guys are great.