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First Cycle During TRT (Blast)

Hi there,

I’m 24, been on TRT for 2 years:
62.5mg sub-Q T enanthate 2 X week (total 125mg EW) , 250IU sub-Q HCG 2X week (total 500IU EW).
about 1 MG Liquidex EW (divided into a daily dose) - which is keeping my E2 spot on.

and have been feeling great.

after long considerations I decided to start the following basic cycle:
1-10 Testosterone enanthate 500mg/ EW
1-10 HCG 500 iu/ EW

for PCT:
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 mg/ED 13-16
no clomid. (right?)

I just have a few questions before i’ll start:

  1. is that PCT OK? basically i’ll be returning to my TRT T dosage during the PCT right? no clomid needed?
  2. what should I do with the HCG during the PCT? keep it as usual or stop it a week before? and when can I start taking it again if so?
  3. for the Liquidex - what should be the right dosage during the cycle? is it true that if I get my T 4 times the base, I should be taking 4 times the AI to keep the E2 levels the same , meaning 4 MG EW? or is it too much?
  4. and lastly, what should i do with the Liquidex during the PCT? when to stop it and when to start taking it again…

sorry I have many questions,
appreciate any help.