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First Cycle: Drol and Winny


Just Curious for some opinions....im 26 yrs old 5' 8" 215lb 13% bf take in 350-400 gms of protein a day about 3000-3500 calories so i consider my diet in place... im looking to do my first cycle but want to basically fly under the radar for personal reasons...not looking to gain alot of mass quickly just cut up some and make some consistent gains...

I have been told a short cycle of drol and winny may be a good starting point going with W1-2 Drol 100mg/d winny 50mg/d W3-4 off W5-6 Drol 100mg/d winny 50mg/d W7-8 off W9-10 Drol 100mg/d winny 50 mg/d W11-14 off...open to suggestions but like i said this is all new to me so really not looking to jump into it just want slow steady gains with low side effects


Drol will make you "gain alot of mass quickly" so don't use that as an excuse for running an oral only cycle. You will lose "alot of mass quickly" when you're done taking it as well.


that has to be some of the dumbest shit i've seen on these forums


Will someone write something intelligent about " why oral only cycles lick donkey balls" so we can have it sticky. Not that most of the trolls will read but hey, it's a start.


Youre assuming that all oral only cycles suck. That isnt the case.


Ok well then write "why most oral only cycle suck" then and maybe include the one or two obscure one that don't. Although I very much doubt any oral cycle would be ideal without any test.