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First Cycle Dosing - Advice needed

I’m 26, 5’9" maybe 5’10" on a good day lol, and fluctuate between 175-180lbs through out the day. Not sure what my BF% is but if I had to give an estimate I would say 10%-15% as I was the skinny kid as a child have been pretty lean to this day with slight definition in my abdominals. NOW, as far as my first cycle goes I was planning as follows:

Weeks 1-10: 500mg-Test Cypionate (split Monday/Thursday)
Weeks 1-4: Dbol 30mg ed
Weeks 13-14: 40mg Nolvadex ed
Weeks 15-16: 20mg Nolvadex ed

I was also debating to run Arimidex through the cycle as well.

So the day I went to see my trusted friend, I had decided to order the Arimidex as well figuring “its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”. Any who, I ended up with more gear than I originally planned because that’s just the way it is, just like you can’t go to a sporting goods store and look at a pack of 15 golf balls and ask the clerk to open it because you only want 10 golf balls. (apologize if this is getting too long)

So now I’m wondering how much I should up my dbol dose because I have the 50mg tabs and 50 of them and there is no way I can break it down to an even 30mg and 20mg. My good friends good friend who is the source said to take 50mg a day for 5 weeks. I also have another 2 1/2 weeks worth of test cyp because of a 25ml vial instead of two 10ml vials which is def cool with me. I figure I can break the dbol into 1/4s at best with a pill cutter. So now my cycle could look as follows:

Weeks 1-12: 500mg Test Cypionate (split Monday&Thursday)
Weeks 1-4or5???: 37.5mg ed OR 50mg ed
Weeks 1-12or14???: Arimidex .25mg eod or .5mg eod
Weeks 15-16: 40mg Nolvadex ed
Weeks 17-18: 20mg Nolvadex ed

So my questions are:

1.) How much dbol should I take knowing that I want to BULK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE…? I figure that if I have fifty 50mg tabs that could be used to kickstart 2 cycles, One being dosed at 37.5mg ed for 28 days and the other 50mg ed for 29 days. OR just go all out and do 50mg ed for 4-5 weeks and end up with leftovers, having left overs is no big deal to me BUT I am curious to know if that will be too high a dose as I have read other logs saying that 50mg actually made them sore in a bad way and they got crazy stretch marks and such. I’m hoping the Arimidex will help with that which leads to my next question…

2.) I have read many controversial debates on how to start arimidex and whether or not to run it up to the end of cycle or up to start of pct,. Is is better to start low, say .25mg eod, and if my chest gets sensitive then up the dose and possibly even take some nolvadex for a few days (I have extra nolva too, Fifty 20mg tabs). Or should I start the Arimidex at .5mg eod and see how that plays out and see if I notice sensitivity in my nips then up ot or even if my joints start to ache then lower it?

3.) Should I add Clomid to my PCT? After my research I decided I would go with Nolva because I read multiple times that Nolva raises natural test levels way better. My friend told me he could get me clomid when ever as its readily available becasue thats what his friend (the source) prefers. So now that he said that, its kind of been stuck in my head and im wondering if i should add that in the PCT as I always think “better save than sorry” and “better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”.

Any and all help/advice is MUCH APPRECIATED!

50mg a day of dbol is fine. If you can’t break up the tabs then do it all pre workout

get some AI and run it even if you don’t notice symptoms. High E can fuck you up in more ways than just gyno or bloat.

you might not need clomid for PCT, but you might. Personally, all my PCTs use both. I would just get some, it’s not like it’s expensive and you’re better safe than sorry with your HPTA in my opinion

Thanks for the input.

I pretty positive I can break the 50mg dbol tabs into 4 even pieces. They are the pink 50mg square BD tabs, I guess I was just expecting them to be a little bit larger since I have never scene dbols before. When I was told to take 50mg a day, I was also told to take 25mg when I wake up and the other 25mg pre work out.

Ive got an AI, Arimidex, and I think it is safe to say i have plenty of that too. I have fifty 1mg tabs (pretty sure 1mg is the only tab size anyway, but not sure) so if I ran .25mg eod that would be enough for like at least 3 if not 4 cycles, and if I ran .5mg eod that is enough for 2 cycles. I just want to know what everyone else thinks is a good dose to start with for a first timer with this cycle???

Ive also read quite a few times that at the beginning of PCT for the first day or two to run like 100mg of Nolvadex, not too sure if that’s necessary tho…?

weeks 1-12
500mg test cyp (250mg monday/thursday)

weeks 1-7
dbol 50mg ED (can be broken into 2+ doses during day to keep blood levels more stable and reduce side effects)

weeks 1-beginning of pct
adex .5mg EOD (you may need to make it .5mg ED)

2 weeks after last pin
PCT nolva 40/40/20/20/20 (5 weeks pct just to be safe, 4 weeks is standard. no need to run 100mg nolva ever)

Nice, thanks Walkway.

wasn’t sure whether or not to run Adex up to the end of cycle or the start of pct.

Dbol for 7 weeks sounds pretty long from the reviews I’ve been reading but I guess I will see how things are going by the end of week 5 and then decide whether or not to run it for another 2 weeks. I am most definitely trying to bulk up as much as possible.

Since I will have the 2 weeks worth of extra, at the end of 5 weeks, I’m thinking I might as well. I’, just not too sure how that’s going to be for my liver. I’ve been taking milk thistle for the past week and plan to start my cycle this coming week. I’ve been told milk thistle is a really good supplement to take while on Dbol and to also take Liv-52 but not until after the Dbol because it could diminish the effects supposedly. I haven’t gotten the LiverCare yet, but there is a store a town over from me that sells it.

I also like your idea of running Nolva for a 5th week as I will still have eight 20mg tabs left as long as I don’t use any on cycle.

I do not know if you guys get a notice when I post on this thread, so I might just start a new thread.

I have another question.

It seems to me that even after injection there is still going to be about 0.1cc of Test from the point of the needle to the bottom of the syringe at the 0.0 mark…

Is there any way to avoid this, or even a sanitary way of saving it??

The only thing I could think of was to reuse the syringe 3 days later for the next injection with a new needle, but that doesn’t even sound to sanitary to me either.

Is this just an imperfect science, where I would have to decide to either lose almost 2ml through 20 injections or to administer 0.9ml instead for 225mg instead of 250mg…?

when you draw, draw a bit extra so there’s an air bubble. Then when you pin, the air bubble pushes the last of the gear out