First Cycle Dosage Questions

Hello all, this is my first post here. I’ve been having doubts on the dosages and amounts I got for my first cycle. Currently taking Tren A 75mg eod and 50 Test P eod. My dealer gave me a vial each and said this was a 12 week cycle.

Do you guys think those dosages look right? I feel they are on the low side and would like to adjust asap for the best results. Thanks guys appreciate it!

Personally I’d do somewhat higher but this type of amount (37.5 mg/day trenbolone acetate supported by what works out to 175 mg/week testosterone propionate to essentially replace lost natural T production) has given decent results for beginners many times.

I generally prefer trenbolone acetate to be 50 mg/day and optionally up to 100 mg/day, but there can be reason to recommend the above lower dose due to some being bothered by aggressive-tendency side effects of TA or reduced sleep as the most common objections.

Personally, I’d increase the doses by 50% and make it an about 8 week cycle. Less risk of slow recovery, and you can be onto your second cycle much sooner, as well as getting faster gains now.

Thanks I appreciate your help