First Cycle - Dilemma

hi i am 26 years old , 6 foot 1 tall , about 16% bf,

i wanna do a cycle of test prop at 100mg eod

I’ve bought some prop, arimidex and clomid and nolva for pct

i am not trying to be a pro or anything i just wanna change my body comp a bit by adding some mass and reducing body fat?

will this cycle have the effects I’m looking for?

i have been told to do it natural but the portion sizes of the new diet are hard to manage so i thought if i eat clean and try to eat as much as can then the test will do the rest?

i train 5 days a week with 30min cardio after weights.

I don’t know what you mean that the “portion sizes are hard to manage”. Test isn’t magic. If you don’t have the discipline to eat natural, all a cycle will do is blow you up for a few months, then you’ll lose every bit of your gains once you come off.

Your arms and shoulders look good, but I can see your hip bones and you have no back. You don’t need to worry about a recomp right now.

If you’re set on doing this, 100mg EOD is probably a little low unless you’re going to run an oral for the whole cycle. Even then I would prefer to see something like 70mg ED plus an oral.

any advice for increasing appetite?

I’ve heard a B complex vitamin can help. Digestive enzymes, HCL, and/or probiotics can also help if you’re having trouble digesting your food or have gut issues. Drinking more kefir and taking HCL with my largest meals has helped me in the past, especially during times of high stress.

At some point you have to just power through. It will be uncomfortable for a little while until your body adjusts.

GHRP6 also causes intense hunger in some immediately post-injection if you wanted to go that route. Honestly if you are committed to training hard and eating for your goals the only reason not to run a GHRP is cost and availability. They can be used indefinitely and do not have to be cycled, but the changes are not as dramatic as AAS, especially when cost is factored in.

if you want appetite and a good cycle try this
test ethanate 500mg/wk
dbol 30-50mg a day
with 1mg arimidex EOD to handle gyno which is very possible

dbol boost appetite if its real stuff.