First Cycle Diet

What am I missing?

8AM Breakfast
4 Eggs Scrambled
2 pieces white toast
1 Protein Shake Muscle Milk 32g Protein w/
12 oz 2% milk
12 oz 2% milk
1 Banana
2 Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

9AM - 32oz Lemonade

11AM Snack
Protein Bar (27g)
32 oz Lemonade

1PM - Lunch
2pcs White Bread
4oz Turkey Breast
1 Banana
Protein Shake 30 g
32 oz Lemonade

4pm - Pre Gym Snack
Protein Bar (27g) Protein
2 Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules
32oz Water
3 White Blood Capsules

5 PM Workout - 64oz water

7pm Post Workout
1 Protein Shake (30 g)

8pm Dinner
8 oz Chicken Breast, grilled
2 slices Meat lovers pizza
2 slices white bread (or equivalent in rolls, etc)
16 0z 2% Milk
2 Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

10pm Snack
3 pieces Meat Lover�??s Pizza
1 Protein Shake muscle milk
1 Banana

Well to accurately give you advice I would need your specific goal. But from the looks of it, I would say that you are trying to bulk. As for the steroid cycle, I dont recommend running just test-e. I would add another very andrgenic compound. Such as Anadrol or D-bol. But still I would have to know your goal and your weight. Get back to me and I will help you out.

First cycle, sticking to Test-E only. I’ve run another thread on my cycle critique and already have it figured out.

12 weeks test e only,
considering kickstarting with 3 weeks superdrol 20/20/20, not sure yet.

looking to BULK add on 20-30 lbs.

i dont really understand the need for all the crap in your diet. Some people may have a different opinion on this.

White bread can have it’s place post workout. You have it for meals which do not require an insulin spike and yet no carbs post workout? that needs addressing.

At very least switch white bread to wholemeal. Drop the pizza, if you can hand carbs and fat in the same meal oatmeal and eggs will do fine.

To cut it short, dont eat simple carbs unless postworkout, they do not provide the sustained energy release required for better gains and not getting fat.

And where are the vegatables? That is probably more serious than the poor food choices.

Why all the lemonade? Like Testanabol said, way too many simple carbs.

[quote]Schmazz wrote:
Why all the lemonade? Like Testanabol said, way too many simple carbs.[/quote]

what he said. why not drink water or milk instead?