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First Cycle Diet Advice?

Thanks for the help in advance!

I’ve been training natural for many years and decided to go on a cycle.Naturally i was able to get down to 10%bf (202lbs at 6’4.).After i finished my cut i got up to 216,started using creatine and also added back carbs to my diet so i don’t think it’s all fat as i also got stronger in all my lifts.Right now at 216lbs i am around 13-14% bf.Also if you could comment on how much i can expect to increase my main lifts that would be very much appreciated.My max lifts are bench 285,squat 345,deadlift 440.

My cycle is very simple test-e 500mg E3.5D.I have my ai and pct ready at hand.I had my first pin yesterday.My question is about macros on a carb cycling diet.My maintenance is around 2900-3000 calories.While bulking is my goal,i read most of the diet and cycle advices and would like some help from the vets.I do push/pull/legs and after every workout i thrown in cable crunches and leg raises.I also do 15-20 mins on the treadmill.How do you guys think my high and low carb should look like?Also i am here to learn,so anything you throw at me will be much appreciated!

Best regards.

PS.sorry for crappy language i am bad at writing english.

Just to be clear, are you doing 250 mg twice a week, or 500 mg twice a week? The latter is alot for a first cycle.

As far as diet goes, I would just shoot for gaining weight. If not, up the calories, if getting fat, lower the calories.

For the lifts, it is hard to tell. If you are training them correctly, then they should go up. Some get crazy strength. My first cycle was quite a bit lower, 325 test with anavar at the end. I saw some improvement. Probably 40lbs total on the three combined, but not what I expected. 500 mg per week would have done more in my estimation. I am also stronger than you, so that usually results in a bit less strength gain. At the end my lifts were 510 in wraps, 365, and 565 for sbd.

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Thank you very much for the input !

Wrote the dosage wrong my bad on that one.500 per week(250 e3.5d) as you said.Okay then i’ll just track my progress and adjust it.

I would not carb cycle while on your testosterone cycle. Get your gains while on.

What are your plans for ai and PCT?


arimidex 0.25mg eod as for pct,3 weeks after my last pin 40mg nolva ed for 2 weeks and 20mg ed for another 2weeks

PCT looks pretty good. I would consider waiting 4 weeks as you will still have pretty good test levels at 3.

The ai is likely unneeded at 500 mg/wk. I would probably not use it unless needed. More people screw up their cycles using to much ai, compared to too little.

Edit:. Just as I was posting this, another I crashed my e2 thread popped up.


Wow okay i’ll use ai if i actually need it.

Thank you very much for the replies very helpful

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Bro don’t make same mistake I did ! I was in same shoes as u last year thought I need load of ai come to find out I didn’t need it at all!

Quick tip inject Ed and u will really have nothing to worry about and make sure it’s in one area I only pin delts when I switch up injection sites too much I got all kinds off ups and downs cause it’s not being absorbed properly sub q causes low t high e2 in some! Im is ur best bet and everyday injections aromasin and amrmidex can cause loss of libido on its own! Dialing e2 is hard as hell much easier to just inject Ed!

Look at my post I was a complete idiot it’s unheard of to need that much ai but for some reason I thought I did! Just needed Ed injections and stability now I don’t need ai and my e2 is too low,don’t change things up for at least 8-10 weeks

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AI use is very individual. I’ve taken up to 1mg arimidex every day, because if I didn’t my nipples would burn like crazy. No negative sides from that much arimidex either.

Take it as needed.
Nipples sensitive? Take half a pill.
Take socks off and there’s a big bloat line? Take half a pill.
Gyno forming? Take 1-2 pills + 40mg Nolva and get rid of that shit.

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