First Cycle Debate

H: 5’9"
W: 173
BF: 14%
Age: 29
Training for 9 years (5 religously)

So, unlike every other new person I’ll spare you guys with the opening “I’ve done the research and I’m ready spiel” I wouldn’t post something if I knew the answer so admittedly I need a few bits of advice. I know my BF isn’t ideal but my diet has been on point for a month now and all of my gear, AI, PCT has just been sitting around for the past few weeks until I get my cycle and schedule airtight. Being that it is my first cycle I planned on a 12 week test-e only cycle.

However, my generous supplier gave me a vial of test-prop and told me that if I really wanted to “fire it off” (his words) I should run the prop/enth together for the first 3-4 weeks and then just Test-E for the remainder.

Now, I’m not ignorant and don’t want to just use it because I have it but, I’m guessing the shelf life at room temp isn’t very long? So, should I use it? If not it’s likely wasted correct? I don’t have a problem tossing it because I didn’t pay for it but, it seems like such a waste…

Either way, the cycle I’ve compiled was going to look like this:

Weeks 1-12
Test Enth (250 mg pinned on Monday and Thursday)
Aromasin : 6.25 ED

Weeks 1-4
Test Prop (100mg mixed in same syringe as E Monday, 100mg By itself Wed, 100mg mixed in same syringe as E Thurs) Most likely pinning Glutes Mon/Thurs and my chick has experience pinning me as, we’ve both run a few b-12 complexes.
(Is this a good strategy and is the dosing schedule correct or too close together for the short ester?)

Week 14 start 22 day PCT
I have Clomid and Nolva for PCT but have read different theories for the front loading of Clomid so I thought this would suffice please tell me if there’s an absolute reason to frontload @250mgs:

Nova : 20/20/20/20
clomid : 100/100/50/50

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Why dont you just front load the enanthate? 500-750mg on your first shot, then as planned will work just fine.

I prefer and love running a prop kick start. Looks good to me.

Just on a side not the life of Test is actually quite a while. I have even had a friend tell me he used a vial almost a year old and it was good to go. Just keep in a dark closet or refrigerator if you not planning on using.

I don’t recommend leaving it in a refrigerator because you might crash it. I accidentally crashed a bottle of prescription grade test cyp cause I had it in the same travel bag as my HCG and forgot about it. I was able to heat it up to use it, but it would re-crystallize in between each shot and I don’t think it was as good after that.

Oh and it keeps fine in a cabinet or something for a VERY long time (defiinitely more than a year)

Prop is great for kick starting, but you say you have a vial, if its only 1 10ml that won’t last you the 4 weeks you have planned. I would also pin it EOD not the M/W/T you have stated and just use it till you’re out. Probably get 8 of 9 Mls out since its your first time. Also pct starts 14 days after your last pin.

In general you guys prefer Prop to E when frontloading?

I would have to say yes in general if you can afford it Prop is ideal to Kick start with do to the fact it has such a short ester and you can be feeling the effects in roughly 4-7 days as to where front loaded massively or not E is still going to take a few weeks to show progress.