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First Cycle, Dbol/Test


Hello there new to the forum but have been researching this for quite some time. Im 24 have been lifting for 10 years. Have a very athletic background. Currently lift 6 days a week, no phone or conversation bs during workouts. Im eating 5 meals and a shake every day.

Cycle plan
12 wks dbol/test
First 5 weeks 40mg dbol
Wk 1-12 500mg test e

Week 1: 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED
Week 2: 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED
Week 3: 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva ED
Week 4: 20mg Nolva ED
Will also be using liv52 for liver support post cycle.

Current weight: 199lbs
Height: 5ft 11in (~180cm)
BF: 12%

Anything I’m missing? Recommendations or thoughts on this cycle? Thank you in advance!! Will try and get current physique photos uploaded tonight.


How about an AI on cycle?

What about taking HCG? Do you plan on EVER having kids?

You do realize that you are risking shutting down your natural test production permanently? The risk is manageable, but you are pretty young to be diving in.

Also, this is not really a beginner cycle, I’d continue researching, the fact that you didnt even mention estro management is a huge red flag.


I forgot to mention Arimidex as an if needed AI. I however have not read into HCG. I understand I am quite young to be going into this which is the main reason I’m here. I want to ensure that I do it correct. I’ve read that 40mg of DBol is about the max I should be using as my first cycle. I also have a coach that I will be working with. But this step is just me taking that extra jump to see if I and my coach are missing anything here. Any input is highly appreciated.


I will help you where i can i am just getting into anti estrogens which i wish i would have started long ago.
Make sure your shots are 250mg twice a week instead of 500 once a week.
Trysplitting your dbol twice a day instead of once a day, 20mg each.
Reserch and have your anti estrogens before you cycle.
Who want to blow up arms chest and get jacked but nipples are busting out of t shirt.
Good luck.


I would do

wk 1-12 Test e 500mg (250 2xWeek)
wk 1-5 Dbol anything from 30 - 50mg. Could start at 30 and increase each week. Split dosing am/pm
wk 1-14 (optional) HCG 250iu 2 x week
wk 1-14 adex 0.5mg eod

wk 15-20 nolvadex 20mg ED
wk 15-20 adex 0.25 mg eod taper off towards end of PCT

If you are sensitive to estrogen and get a flare up then you can use nolva to block it whilst increasing adex dose to bring estrogen down.

Not sure what is in Liv52 but the only thing worth taking to help support the liver when using orals is TUDCA. If you want to use something then use this and take it whilst on dbol. Dose at a separate time to the dbol.

The SERM dosing in your current PCT plan is way overkill and doesn’t lead to a more effective recovery - just using the nolvadex as i have listed above will be fine.

If you plan to do this long term and stay healthy then pre cycle bloods would be great. Look at hormones, blood count, cholesterol, liver and kidney function.

Good luck i did test e and dbol for my first cycle and had a great time.


Yes, the shots will be on Monday and Thursday of each week. And i was going to spread the dbol out to 4x a day 10mg per after meals. I will not start my cycle until I have everything. Thanks for the input man!


Hey thanks man, i was questioning jumping directly into 40mg so the working up to that sounds great. So wk 1 30, wk 2 35, wks 3-5 40? The reason i had planned clomid and nolva together was just to be extra safe. Bloodwork is definitely top priority and it will be done before i begin. What was your dosage and age/weight/bf% stats before your cycle and then post cycle?


@tb40 calm the fuck down kid you dont know anything.

The dbol for 5 weeks is excessive and 20mg of nolva is also useless running both clomid and nolva is a waste just pick one"

also skip liv52 its straight crap marketing , get TUDCA from amazon its like 10$ a bottle and run aromasin 12-20mg ed if its legit dbol your nips will get beat good.



You are right, you are certainly a lot more knowledgeable than I am on the topic.

Having said that, as a 40 year old father of four teenage sons, my (perhaps) more long range perspective on health and wellness, and how your priorities change over time, might be useful to some members. I also happen to have a close friend who has fertility issue, and spend years trying medications and treatments, dropping tens of thousands of dollars to give his wife a baby. I would hate for this kid to make decisions in his early twenties that change the entire trajectory of his life, or that cause the love of his life to move on because he cant have children. It would also be unfortunate for a healthy young man to get gyno because he ran a Dbol kickstarter on his first cycle, and didn’t even have something on hand to manage estro.

If he wants to make this decision, that’s fine and its his choice. But he should do so with eyes wide open, knowing the full spectrum of risks, even if they are slim. I still stand by my original statement that the fact that he did not mention and AI, and had not researched HCG, are red flags, I think most would agree.



I was 28 when i started with 500mg test e and 50mg dbol. Cant remember weight changes but i didn’t drop much during or after PCT.

Dbol puts the weight and strength on fast at the start then as you drop it the weight gain slows but you harden up.

I would just do something like 30/30/40/40/50 with the dbol


i think your cycle looks fine its a pretty basic beginner cycle. i have never used hcg but a lot of people do. i would split your dbol into 4x a day for sure tho. i have ran dbol 2 weeks on 1 week off for a total of 6 weeks on before and loved it also. keep an eye on your bp. pct im not sure about since im on trt i dont do them. but clomid nolva is standard as well. as for the liv25 aton of people swear by it. im actually gonna try it my next cycle here in a few weeks. good luck with it and drink plenty of water bro!


Hey man i really appreciate your input. I have decided to drop the dosage to 25mg for the dbol. I have taken into account the hcg you mentioned and found a source. How would you recommend using it? Ive read some load up post cycle before pct and ive heard some doing it throughout the cycle. What is your recommendation?