First Cycle: Dbol, Test Nolva

Hello all. I am currently on an Oral Turinabol only cycle and the results are nice, but I also am interested in planning for my next cycle.

I am 31 6’3" 216lbs, been training for 3+ years 5+ days per week. I am taking Bushy’s advice and am going to wait until I find some test to complete the upcoming cycle.
I have 333 5mg Dianabol, and 50 20mg Nolvadex, and would like to know what type of Test would be best? I know some people say test is test but I have seen a few others show favoritism to certain ones. I am in no situation that may involve drug testing, as I work from home and run my own business.

My gols is to add 7-10lbs of lean muscle mass in the next 6 months.

Can someone please help me draw up a cycle for what I have? And suggest which test to use Then I just have to find it and we’ll be golden.

Thanks Guys & Gals!

Search around the threads within the steroid forum here. You will get all the answers your looking for regarding which test compond to use, amounts as well as the correct ways to use nolva in case of any gyno flare ups and pct.