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First Cycle/Dbol pre PL Meet

Hey guys. First time poster actuallly.

31Years old, have trained for a number of years and added about 40kg mass natty. Roughly 168cm tall, about 90kg (depending) 200/140/230

I have recently added 500mg test e per week as a first cycle and am at about week 8 and I plan to compete in a push/pull event at the end of week 12, then begin pct phase etc etc.

So far no sides at all except my bench and squat have benifited the most.

My question is requarding theuse of dbol mid cycle for 4 weeks pria to the meet. I have some big numbers coming (for me) I need to pull in training and am tempted to cycle in a 4 week block of oral to give me a boost. The catch is, I can’t use for about 3 days pre meet and even on meet day because I am traveling via plane/security etc.

With never using before, what are your thoughts on this? Just save and wait for my next meet where I can use right up to a few hours before lifting or throw it in there and be without it 2-3 days.

My main concern is obviously never experienced coming off test/ptc so am gearing towards not using the dbol. But just wondering people’s opinions on a mid cycle boost, even tho I couldn’t use it 2-3days pre meet.

Alternatively thought about a 500mg pinn 2 days pre meet when it would usually be 250. But haven’t reasueched thst idea either.

I have arimidex on hand

Not sure where you are located but, if just going to the same hotel you can just mail your stuff to that hotel. As for the other part Dbol 4 weeks out is fine and will def help.


I second @Reed’s recommendation but your trip seems short enough it’s not even necessary. Just pin right before you go and you could also throw a couple dbol tabs in a tylenol bottle (or some prescription bottle) and take it with you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, taking the dbol for four weeks leading up will still definitely help with strength gains even if you don’t have it for meet day.

You should be running it - don’t wait for sides to start an AI.

Sweet. The day I fly out is last pinn of the cycle anyway so works out well.
I just wanted to make the most of what I have, so hesitatd with the dbol knowing I would be cutting it short 2 days before I lift.