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First Cycle: Dbol 4 wks, Sustanon 250mg/wk

I will be starting my first cycle of injectables very soon, my plans are as follows.

Weeks 1-12: Sustanon 250mg per week. (125mg on Monday and Thursday)
Weeks 1-4: Dianabol 30mg per day.

Weeks 16 - 19: PCT

Keep in mind I am not looking to gain a large amount of muscle and I would prefer to keep it simple so that I don’t suppress my natural testosterone levels too much and so that my PCT is highly effective.

Any exogenous test will stop your own natural production, at least temporarily. You probably dont need the Dbol for a first cycle. I’d just run 500 test/week for 12 weeks and have nolvadex on hand and ready for your PCT.

You said first injectable cycle. Does that mean you’ve run orals before?

Test is low for a cycle. I never mind kick starting with an oral even though most will say first timers should be test only.

Thanks for the advice.
Obviously 500 p/w would result in greater gains but do you think 250 p/w would do anything?
Like I said not in it to become massive, just want a little edge to bulk up a bit.

Yes about 12 months ago I did a 4 week cycle of dianabol along with some SARMS. Lost most of it eventually but kept a couple kilos of muscle.
Over all I found it to be a decent introduction to anabolic steroids.

Well I’ve done an oral only cycle before (about one year ago) so I kind of know why to expect from it.

If you’re going to run a cycle then you should just run a cycle. 500/week is not that big of a deal

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