First Cycle/Crossfit

27/m 5’9" 156lbs appx 12% bf (electric reductance/reactance)
3 years lifting, good health, no AAS experience.

Looking to put on lbm, but not get freakishly huge (yet.) Also looking for the cleanest, simplest cycle I can manage and I’m not really interested in destroying my liver with orals. I’m front-loading the test rather than kicking it off with dbol or some such. (Plus, it’s cheaper for me that way.)

I’ve basically ripped off this guy’s cycle and tweaked it a little

So here’s what I have worked out:

Week 1
1000mg Test Cypionate
1mg Arimidex Every other day

Week 2
800mg Test Cypionate
1mg Arimidex Every other day

Weeks 3-8
500mg Test Cypionate
1mg Arimidex Every other day

Weeks 9, 10

Week 13
100mg Clomid/day

Week 14
75mg Clomid/day

Week 13
Day1 50mg Clomid
Day2 50mg Clomid
Day3 40mg Clomid
Day4 40mg Clomid
Day5 30mg Clomid
Day6 20mg Clomid
Day7 10mg Clomid

My training is basically a 5 on, 2 off Crossfit inspired protocol. I know this isn’t the most CrossFit friendly forum in the world, but AAS advice has so far been a little difficult for me to come by in the CrossFit “community.”

Putting aside any philosophical argument about methodologies, I have some questions about what an AAS cycle would look like with a highly varied protocol.

  1. Since I’m not at this time looking to get sploded big (just bigger and lean) should I drop the test dosage down a bit, or is 500mg a pretty good baseline across the board?

  2. Should I wait to start the Arimidex when/if I start seeing signs of gyno? Will it help keep down the bloat?

  3. Should I wait a full 2 weeks before beginning PCT, or should I shorten it down to a week or so? Also, should I shorten PCT to 2 weeks? Also, does the taper in the last week look ok?

  4. I’m considering throwing in a few extra workouts during the week to focus on areas I’d like to get bigger. Is this a bad idea with regard to recovery from the daily crossfit workouts? I know a lot of people throw around a medicine ball a bit and say they’re “doing crossfit” but I really do give it everything I’ve got.

Thanks in advance for any advice, unless that advice is “you’re a pussy for doing crossfit,” to which I say “Yeah, well… SO???”

Damn… maybe I should hold off for a while with the “crackdown” going on and whatnot. I still haven’t purchased anything.

You hear that feds? I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING.

Awesome. Thanks for the advice, Bushy.

Same thoughts for cycle length if I decide to go with enan?

I’d have to agree with your assumption that you should probably tone down your Test a notch. If you insist on frontloading, I’d say tone it down to 750 or so and take it down to 500 as you go on.

Mind the fact that your “cycle” will be considerably longer using the taper method (be sure to read thoroughly on it), so don’t make the mistake that some people make. Don’t use up all your injectable AAS during the front-load and intermediate weeks while leaving little-to-nothing for the gradual taper.

Great info. I hadn’t read anything about the taper method, but I’m liking the idea so far, especially considering it involves the use of a chemical very close to ones that already exist in the body.

I’ll be reading up on the best way to taper before posting too many questions about the method. One question I have is about the 100mg “level out” length when coming off a test only cycle, if it’s still best to go a full 3 weeks at 100mg.

14 week cycle + 2 weeks rest + 3 weeks at 100mg + 4 weeks taper = purt near six months of sticking needles in my ass.

Might be a tall order for my first cycle. Might be I’m being a puss.

Pussed out and went with a 30 day run of Omnevol (so much for a ‘healthy, safe first cycle.’) The prospect of needles didn’t pass the wife test. I’m hearing now that Omnevol (Sustevol, Sostevol, yadda yadda) is now under investigation, and people are saying it’s actually just Halodrol, Superdrol, and Phera-plex stacked.

I’m running Milk Thistle and Red Yeast Rice ED and am thinking about adding something for blood pressure, as it’s getting noticeably high. Starting to have increased acne on face, neck and back. Mood’s definitely different too. Pumps in the gym have been dramatic to the point of being annoying.

Gains have been mostly in terms of strength, anaerobic endurance, and muscle hardness/definition. At week 2, I’ve started actually putting on scale weight, but have not yet had my BF checked to determine how much of it is muscle and how much is water/fat. What obvious mass I have gained has been fairly lean looking in the mirror, for lack of a better explanation. I don’t know how much of my strength and anaerobic endurance increase is attributable to the chemicals and how much is psychological, and I suppose I never will. My body feels wound tighter than an eight-day clock and I have an indomitable feeling most of the time. Again, these are “feelings” and obviously not “evidence.”

My training regimen has been based around ample doses of bench, squat, deadlift and clean, usually at high intensity with little rest. Interspersed with this is lots of pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, presses, handstand pushups, thrusters, other staple crossfit exercises.

Diet hasn’t been logged or even very measured. I eat as cleanly as possible, avoiding simple carbohydrates and processed foods, focusing on meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. I find it very difficult to maintain a 3000+ calorie diet and do not, most of the time. I am consuming more calories now than is typical, though.

For PCT, I have 20 tabs of Clomid @ 50mg, and was planning on running Alpha Male. This decision due to availability and legality. Two weeks to go before the Omnevol runs out, so I’ve got a little time to work out exactly how my PCT will look. I’ll post again when I’m starting PCT, and again after I’ve finished it.

Not sure if anyone’s still reading at this point, and I apologize for turning this into a prohormone thread. Any sources I have are int, web sources, and I’m paranoid about getting ripped off or siezed, and there’s the whole needle issue with the wife.

I can understand the getting ripped off or customs part but you could run into that with pills.

Maybe you should tell your wife that orals are more damaging for you then needles. Make sure you tell her its muscular injection and not vein injections. Spike in your glute and your done for a few days. Better then pills every few hours.

Just a thought.
Or maybe just give up on the idea.