First Cycle Critique

I posted a cycle that a friend of mine (who got pretty good results)did for his first go around, but it got some bad reviews from some of the vets. Another friend of mine who has done a lot of research(especially on T-Nation)put a cycle together for me, so let me know what you guys think.

wk 1: 1000mg test E + 1200mg EQ

wk 2-9: 500mg test E + 600mg EQ

wk 10-11: 500mg test E

I plan on using Adex @2.5mg eod or something like that. And nolvadex and clomid for PCT. I don’t really have the dosages set for PCT yet. I would appreciate as much information/input and as many opinions as possible about this cycle. This is my first cycle so I want to get the most out of it without overdoing it. Thanks fellas.

what is your training history?

I’m 25 and haven’t trained in a few years until recently. I started training seriously when I was 18 or 19 till about the age 22. I never really got the gains I wanted, but I wasn’t eating properly like I do now or training as hard. Now I’m putting the balls to the wall and training 5 or 6 days a week and eating properly mainly looking at my calorie(4000-5000g) and protein(200-250g) intake. I know I probably could use a couple more years of training before I do my first cycle, but I guess i’m kinda impatient and want to get to a physique that I’m happy with in a shorter period of time. I’m 5’-9" and 160lbs. don’t laugh too hard. I know i’m goona get flamed for one thing or another so I’ll keep an open mind to anything anyone has to say but I’m mainly looking for some feedback on the cycle I posted.


Thanks Bush. I was told not to go wild with the adex because it can cause a complete estrogen shutdown and fuck up your gains. But 0.5mg eod sounds about right. I’m not exactly sure what Letro is. If anyone has any suggestions for my PCT using clomid and nolvadex it would be greatly appreciated.



[quote]JsinJ wrote:
If anyone has any suggestions for my PCT using clomid and nolvadex it would be greatly appreciated.



From most literature I’ve read so far, Nolva is the preferred choice for PCT rather than Clomid in terms of effectiveness on a mg per mg basis. Also, Clomid has been purported to put your emotions thru a rollercoaster ride.

20mg/day of Nolva for 6 weeks
(if its the only ancillary you can get)

Otherwise, do a search for the PCT article by Anthony Roberts, the logic and research behind that is good.