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First Cycle Critique


My first post within these forums so I will try to be precise and straight to the point, I am after advise if you see anyway I can improve my current cycle (first cycle).

Weeks 1-12: 300mg Test E
Weeks 3 -12: 250ui HcG Twice a week
Weeks 2 -12: Ostarine 20mg ED

Nolvadex on hand for gyro symptoms etc.


Weeks 14-16: 40mg Nolvadex
Weeks 16-18: 20mg Nolvadex

My stats:
Bodyfat 20%
Running a calorie deficit overall aim to reduce bodyfat while maintaining LBM over the above period.

Look forward to your advise and will listen accordingly.

You’re not having a standard protocol, but it’s not unheard of.

But your stats tell me you need more a clean diet than steroid injections. Especially when I see you want to run a cycle under a caloric deficit. Your first cycle should be all about maximising the anabolic effects of T.

I love all the symptoms of gyros


Damnit…now I’m craving gyros!

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Honest advice? Drop the Ostarine and HCG.
Train and eat accordingly and you should be happy.

Take bloods before you start.