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First Cycle Critique



6’0 185lb
13~15% BF

Pre-Cycle Bloods:


250mg Test-E e3.5d for 16 wks
12.5mg Aromasin ED until end last day of PCT.

PCT (2 weeks after last injection):


Nolva taken in the morning; Clomid at night.

Training Schedule:



500-1000 calroic surplus. Will adjust as needed, to maximize muscle gains and minimize fat gains. Going to aim for 1.5g of protein per lb of LBM, 2g for carbs, and .45g for fat.



Pretty basic do you have any body shots of your physique. Also what are some PRs?


I never did any kind of 1RM, but here are some 5RM:

Bench: 195
Deadlift: 315
Squat: 295

Don’t have any physique pics. Will come back and post some when I am done with my cut. I am trying to get as lean as possible before hopping on.


I would definitely push to be stronger, it will help you in the long run. Try getting to 2xbw sq/dl and 1.5 x be bench before thinking about gear


I’ll definitely considering to do so! I already ordered my gear. Would it be OK to let it sit on my desk for a few months, if I decide to wait?


Yeah test doesn’t go bad for years, just don’t freeze or refrigerate.


Same with the Nolva, Clomid, and Aromasin?


Keep it in a cool dark place


First off, you are 20. Why do you think you need to get on gear right now? Are you competing or are you just another bro in the gym who thinks he needs to run a cycle? You say you are trying to get as lean as possible before running a cycle… At this point, after seeing your PR’s, it doesn’t make much sense to me. You should be trying to put on mass to get stronger, because your lifting stats are not exactly impressive. Dude you are 20. You should be eating like crazy and training your ass off to grow naturally first. How long have you been training seriously? And by that I mean training and eating for a purpose. You have 195 pound bench max. That alone tells me you are not even close to being ready to hit a cycle. Am I saying not to take gear? Absolutely not!! I just don’t think you are naturally at a point where you should take them, nor have you reached your natural potential. Take some time and do it right so you don’t screw yourself up and have to be on TRT by the time you are 25 for the rest of your life.


Damn @moosejuice0311
I was trying to be nice man.

Infantry leads the way


another thread another day another fail…lmao you got my 1st year training lift numbers bro… and you are 20+ more pounds than i was…train natty more, you are not ready

fact is these compounds are better suited for people with a long term goal in mind, if you are not competing or doing anything similar there is no point.