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First Cycle Critique

I feel confident I have done my fair amount of research but still have a few questions.
What I have currently laid out is :

Test E 500mg once per wk 1-10
HCG 250iu twice per week 3-10
14 days after last shot begin pct: clomid 50mg e.d. for 20 days, followed by 25mg for 10 days

HCG and an anti-e on cycle is something I have seen a lot of mixed comments about. I see people mention anti-e isnt always needed and can do more harm than good for you, especially highlighting effects on joints.
Any suggestions, experiences, or advice is appreciated.

Do some more research, filter your reading to look at posts and information from the last few years.

Virtually everybody recommends:

*taking a low dose AI (for example .25 or .5 Adex eod) on cycle BEFORE side effects develop
*taking HCG 250iu eod or 2/w on cycle to prevent atrophy and assist recover (esp if you are young and want to have kids someday). Suggested but optional in some opinions
*novla instead of clomid (if possible)