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First Cycle Critique

Just some background. Been lifting since Ive been 15. Started at 125lbs 6 foot tall with 13% body fat. Up until i turned 18 i didnt really gain weight just got more fit. Then i switched gears and started bulking.

Im 23 now im 6’1" i weigh 204-206 now at 13% bf.
Bench: 245x2
Deadlift: 430x2
Squat: 350x3

After months of research this is what ive come up with for my first cycle and would like some advise if needed.

Weeks 1-10: 500mg test cyp a week pinning monday and thursday.

Weeks 1-10: .5mg of arimadex on days I pin (im prone to gyno. If i start getting it using this dosage ill up it to .5mg EOD.)

Weeks 11-12: .5mg of adex EOD

Week 13: 100mg clomid ED & 40mg nolva ED

Week 14: 100mg clomid ED & 20mg nolva ED

Week 15-16: 50mg clomid ED & 20mg nolva ED

Week 17: 20mg nolva ED

Week 18: 10mg nolva ED

Theres my plan let me know whats wrong whats right please!

Take a look at this thread regarding PCT…

this is the second time in as many days somebody’s said this despite having never used steroids before. How do you know you’re gyno prone? Do you have solid lumps of breast tissue under your nipples right now?

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What about HCG?

Also, how do you know that your prone to gyno if this is your first cycle?

I tried havoc when it was available and i started to get gyno. So with somthing that weak giving me gyno i suspected something heavy like test would have more effect.

what symptoms did you experience?

I have read about a long nolva pct. I think i read that before too i was very interested but my gym buddies are telling me that i need clomid in my pct. I think im going to try nolva for 10 weeks after my cycle instead of nolva and clomid. Thanks for the advice.

Irritation and itchyness of nipples. Flexing my pecs my nipples would still be fat and really puffy where as i didnt have that before starting. The symptoms came about 4 weeks into the 8 week cycle.

My supplier cant get hcg.

You can’t get gyno from Havoc. It does not aromatise.

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fair enough. The reason I was asking is that people quite often just convince themselves they have gyno when they don’t. It’s REALLY obvious if you’re getting gyno. If you think you have it, then you don’t. When it happens, you know.

Anyway, your cycle looks ok but your SERM doses are high. 50mg of clomid for 4 weeks plus a week of 50mg eod to taper off is plenty. 10 weeks of nolva is ludicrous.

Whats your views on clomid then? I hear some people say you need it and others say dont.

Use either the clomid or Nolva, not both. Either one is more effective than stacking both.

I would consider this a major factor.

You are only 23 years old, and your risking damaging your ability to have children without HCG.

And I’ll share a secret with you… once women settle down, they want children. If you can provide that, great, if not, they will move on to the next guy - they are genetically coded that way. This is a generalization of course, but something to seriously think about.

I’ve never cycled, so there is a chance I dont know what I’m talking about…

he’s risking that juts by using steroids in the first place. Lots of people cycle without hCG and do just fine. I’m not saying it’s ideal, but it is possible

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Ill do some research and A. Find where to get hcg or B. Find out for myself if the risk is worth it. That you for all the advice it is much appreciated!

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If you want to decrease your likelihood of regretting this decision, I’d recommend you freeze some sperm, wait til you’re 25, then always use hCG on cycle if/when you do take the leap.

Best of luck to you man.

Yogi makes a valid point, you are taking a risk either way, you just greatly mitigate the risk by incorporating what seems to be a pretty inexpensive and easily obtainable drug, I think it’s not even scheduled in some states, and is pretty popular for a variety of fads (weight loss, aging etc).

I can also share my own personal experience - your attitude, outlook, and priorities are likely to change considerably over the next 10-15 year. When I was in my twenties, I was content to date, party, and travel. Fast forward to age 40, and my children give incredible meaning, purpose, and joy to my life. They are really the center of my universe. I would hate to see someone miss out on what I consider to be one of the most meaningful and significant experiences in life over some short term gains.

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