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First Cycle Critique


I’m very close to starting my first cycle, Im 21, but I aspire to be a fitness model, so I need to get started early. I started lifting at the age of 14, and I’m a sports nutritionist so im pretty well versed with this stuff.

Also, I own a fitness magazine (www.musclemanual.in), so I have the connections to score modelling contracts easily.

Once I get my bloodwork done, I’ll start a basic Test and Dbol cycle for 10 - 12 weeks.

Weeks 1-12 -
Test E 250 - Twice a week on monday and thursday.
Liv52 - 2-3 pills ED

Weeks 1-5
Dbol 25mg a day
Additional Liver support, I’ll see what else is available at my pharmacy, or I’ll just increase my Liv52 dosage

Weeks 1-14
AI 0.5mg EOD


Weeks 14-15
Nolva 40mg ED

Weeks 15-16
Nolva 20mg ED

Weeks 16-17
Nolva 10mg ED

Week 20 I will get my bloodwork done again.

I think the cycle looks fine, and I look forward to your inputs :slight_smile:

Now few questions i have is -

I would like to avoid bloating/water retention while on Dbol, should I take 10mg of Nolva everyday?

I have HCG available and it’s fairly cheap, should I add it to the PCT, if so, when?

Hairfall? Is there anything I can do to avoid it? I dont have any noticeable hairfall but I am conscious about my looks.

I’m also nervous about my reproductive system. Should I get a sperm count and semen analysis done before and after the cycle?


If you are nervous about your natural production and “can get a modelling contract easiliy” you may want to consider training natty for a few more years with a solid diet and training plan. Get that lean and healthy look…

If you go ahead then;

Simple plan, can’t go wrong with 500mg test e a week.

It depends what your goals are, “Fitness Models” tend to be of the leaner stature so if your diet is on point and building lean mass is the main goal then maybe drop the dbol or switch it for var…

Dbol will help with initial strength etc but I really don’t see the point in most orals as the results are lost as soon as you stop taking them.

500 mg test 2 will provide great results, just have to be patient for it to start working.

Always add in HCG if you can, 250iu 2 x per week on cycle.

Using HCG on cycle helps prevent shut down rather than on PCT which would be to try and reverse any shut down…

Your PCT should start differently depending on what ester you have used during your cycle.

Enanthate is a long ester so start 2 weeks after last jab.


A bit young to cycle but since your gonna do it anyhow…Looks good to me but I’d holster the dbol till next cycle… 500mg test eth or cyp is a good beginner cycle… You will get nice gainz on the T by itself on a firsty…See how your body reacts bro, esier to control sides if shit derails. Chances are this wont be your last cycle anyhow… Damn wish I was a 21yr old male model… Must be nice… If you need a buff dude that looks like a Russian mobster or prison inmate send me a contract :slight_smile:



How does this cycle look good without HCG and proper PCT timing?

Also, why Dbol next cycle?


Heard yay and nays about hcg but personally Im a fan of it… I always cycle with hcg so yea my bad he should have that if anything cuz baby nuts suck. As far as PCT goes thought his looked ok but surely a simple google search beginner cycle pct will clear it up.
On the Dbol just not a fan of stacking on peoples first cycles…no broscience just imo


Will do.

I’ll cut the dbol and stick to just Test for now.

I’ll also do some more research on HCG.

Thanks hebrewhero :slight_smile:


Good luck zoolander smash ass for all us ugly mofos


Yeah use hcg on cycle. Don’t wait till the end. You should be able to get it easily and cheap over there.

Good luck, young entrepreneur.


Thanks brah. 10,000 ius of hcg costs little under $20 in my country. Couldn’t be happier :smiley:


Just got my labs done:

Total test
free test

Is there any other tests i should do?

I’m running test e 500mg a week. I’ll keep doing the same cycle for at least 1-2 years, no added orals or anything.
Do i need to get kidney/liver/semen analysis done?


Probably don’t need to worry about kidney/liver unless you plan to run orals and want a baseline before starting or just want to know that all is OK. Same for Semen.

Blood Analysis would be usefull for Haematocrit and Haemoglobin