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First Cycle Critique

So, starting my first cycle in a bit. I’m 24, 182 cm, and 105 kg, around 14% BF. (5´11 and 231 lb for the murkans)
My goals are to gain strength, mostly, but due to my surplus I’ll probably gain some LBM too, which is fine by me. I’m not sure how I will react to juice, but I hope to gain a fair bit of strength on this combo.

Cycle layout:

Week 1-4: Test prop @ 100 mg EOD. (350mg/week) -
Week 1-8: Test Cyp @ 250 mg every 3.5 days (500mg/week total)
Week 1-8: hCG @ 500iu/week
Week 4-8: Oxandrolone @ 30/mg ED

Suppls: NAC for liver, b12 methyl, pycnogenol, b5, multi, zinc, niacin (for cholesterol).

PCT: Start 18 day after last injection:

Clomid @ 75/50/50/50 & Nolvadex @ 40/20/20/20

I’ll run Arimidex @ .25 mg EOD through the duration of the cycle. I’m estrogen dominant, and I determined I’m an over responder, since that same dose took me from 38 pg/ml E2 to zero drug-free, and I’m now on .5mg a week. If I get any bloat or moonface I’ll bump it up.

I included Oxandrolone because my guy got some new powders and will send me a freebie, enough for 1 month at 30 mg/ day. I’m only adding it because it’s a mild compound and will get some more strength gains. The dose is low, would it be better to run it 2 weeks at 60mg?

I think I have all bases covered. Test base, uncomplicated, hcg to keep my nads nice and full, and liver protection as insurance, and keep it at 8 weeks to avoid myostatin increase and the plateau it will bring. This will also hasten recovery and let me cycle again sooner. I could add the anavar at week 8 and run for 12, but my gut tells me this is not a good idea.

Diet is fine, I’ll add a lot of emphasis on sleep, and my routine will be Ice cream fitness template (Stronglifts with some accessory work added), since my body responded pretty well to it while natural.

I’ll also throw in some cardio on off days (I train BJJ, but I’ll add some jump rope or treadmill, depending on my mood) and watch my RCBC just in case. I’m slightly anemic ATM due to my thyroid (fixing it as we speak), so if anything the AAS will actually help me at the medical level, is my take.

How does it look? I really like the layout, but since most of you are old monkeys with plenty of cycles under your belts, I humbly bow my head and defer to you for advice and suggestions. Also interested on how to adjust AI dose on week 4, when test will spike due to Cypionate reaching peak serum concentration.


Yes that looks like a good start good luck

I would run the Test C a little longer. Maybe 10-12 weeks, and use the Test Prop as a kickstart for the first 4-6 weeks. I think youd benefit more from the Test C by doing it that way, but, that is just my opinion. I dont think you need to start running HCG right away either. I waited until I was 6 weeks in on my cycle to start it and my balls were back to full size in a week. I definitely think its a good add in. I would also leave out the Anavar if you’re gonna run prop. and just see how you respond to the test first.