First Cycle Critique

New to the forum, read as much as I could and hope I don’t come off as a dumbass as I am new to aas. Anyways I am 23 years old (I know it’s recommended after 25) been weight training on and off since I was 15. My diet is in check (currently bulking) so that will not be a issue. No health issues.

Anyways like I said this is my first cycle, the injections I will be taking is from sustanon-250. That’s what I can get my hands on. I’m going for the 500mg a week, broken up into e3d. Planning on a 8 week cycle. I just want to take the test and nothing else, no orals or anything. PCT I will have clomid and novalax on stand by for gyno symptoms. So here’s how I’m planning my cycle will look like:

Week 1-8 250mg E3D
Day 19/20 after last shot PCT starts : Clomid
Day 1 of PCT 150 mg clomid
Next 7 days 100 mg clomid
Next 14 days 50mg
And novalax on deck if I see gyno symptoms.

Does this look like a pretty decent 1st cycle? PCT in check? Please go easy on me, it’s my first time…

AI during cycle, nolvadex for pct.
You do not need clomid.

AI if needed during cycle. I recommend dropping the clomid jn favor of Nolva.