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First Cycle Critique

Age: 24 (25 in August)
Weight: 233lbs
BF: 16%
Years training: 9 (6 consistently)

So after a while of digging, reading and researching this is what I’ve came to:

WK 1 - 8 Test E 250mg 2xW e3.5d
WK 1 - 8 Aromasin 10mg EOD
WK 1 - 8 HCG 250iu twice/wk day before test injection.
WK 9 Nothing
WK 10 - 13 nolvadex 40/40/20/20mg ED
WK 10 - 13 clomid 75/50/50/50mg ED

Between now and last week in March focus will be on dropping as much BF as possible prior to cycle. I am out of the country on the 1st July for a month so want to have finished all my PCT by then. Also, is 2x pin per week of test the ideal or is 1x per week much different. It seems the opinion is split!

Thoughts/feedback appreciated!

First pct should start two weeks after last pin. I would also run the hcg up to 4-5 days before pct and I would also run the aromasin the two weeks up till pct, this is optional but i find this to help run the aromasin during pct but taper the dose down a bit.

Test e twice a week is fine. If it were me I would frontload the test if I was running an 8 week cycle

After a bit more research and reading (always learning!) I’ve came to/was advised to run Test P instead of E as I can’t go any longer than 8 weeks on with 4 weeks pct. was also advised to start PCT 3 days after last pin?

Prop would be better if you are limited on time. Prop should be pinned ED or EOD if you didn’t know. I would probably start pct about 6 days after the last pin

Yeah was going for EOD (better get used to needles!)

Do I have to rotate the injection sites with this?