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First Cycle - Critique


I'd love input on my first cycle...I know everyone posts threads like this and I apologize for adding to the noise! I've done my research and would appreciate a quick review to make sure I'm on the right track.

Quick bio: 28, 6'5", 235lbs, 20% BF, lifting for about 7 years
Goal: muscle gain, fat-loss would be a plus, but I know how to cut and that isn't my expectation/main goal on this.

Here goes:

W1-W10: Test 250mg E3D
W1-W11: Adex 0.25mg EOD
W13: Clomid 50mg 2X/D
W14-W16: Clomid 25mg 1X/D

Optional Addition (would love opinions on whether to add):
W1-W8: Tren 150mg E3D
W3-W10: HCG 250iu E3D



You can certainly add HCG at 500iu per week, but I'd leave tren out of this.

Test dose is fine, and injection time is okay if you are using Enanthate or Cypionate.

PCT is fine.

You might get flamed for having high bf. Fat loss is attributed mainly to diet and exercise; testosterone won't literally "burn fat".


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, it would be Test Enth...

Am I right to be running adex (11wks) one week longer than test (10wks)? And, then one full week off, then starting clomid in week 13...


Start PCt two weeks after your last test injection. You can use arimidex up until you start pct.


28, 6'5", 235lbs, 20% BF, lifting for about 7 years...really?

tren 150mg E3D...No

Clomid will leave you feeling like a bitch, you might find that you prefer nolvadex


Told ya