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First Cycle Critique


Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster and I was wondering how this cycle looks. I've been researching for months and have gotten all the necessary compounds together. This is my first cycle, so any feedback/criticism would be much appreciated (no matter how brutal).

22 on August 7th

Training: 5 years

W1: 600mg nandrolone dec, 500mg Test Cyp
W2: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W3: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W4: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W5: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W6: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W7: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W8: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W9: 300mg nandrolone dec, 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25
W10: 250mg Test Cyp, Arimidex .25

starts on W13 and ends on W16
W13: Nolvadex 40mg ED.
W14-16: 20mg ED.


deca in a first cycle = fail.

5 11 190 at your age is underdeveloped. No need at all for steroids right now.


Bonez, thank you for commenting. Youre one of the guys I was really hoping would chime in, as you are very knowledgeable.

I realize the general consensus around here is probably I'm too young and underdeveloped to cycle at 22 however, I've already made my decision. I just would like to pick the brains of veterans like Bonez to do it in the safest manner possible while getting maximum results.

The other compound (besides test of course) that I have acess to is EQ; Would that be a better choice for my first time or would a test-only cycle be more appropriate?




Ive used Deca in the past and like the results, very quality looking gains, but hated the recovery even dropping the deca out early and running out with just test.

throw in the need for a dopamine agonist, and its not worth playing with when a simple test cycle is going to give you similar results for atleast your first two cycles.



Ah, then test only it will be.

So then would a cycle like this:

W1-800mg T Propionate, 40mg Arimidex,
W2-10@400mg T Cypionate, 30mg Arimidex, 10 mg finasteride

PCT same as before,



Providing that I keep my diet in check combined with the appropriate application of Arimidex, water retention should not be too much of an issue, should it?


Na you cant really do it like that. Frontloading needs to be done with the same ester you plan to use for the cycle.

What you have outlined is a kickstart. The terminology doesnt mean much but for the sake of clarity thats what it is. If you want to kickstart with prop you have to inject it on top of the cyp. I dont really think you should do that, but you can if you want.

I think a simple frontload of cyp is a better plan.

Water retention should not be a problem at the dose youre using + arimidex. Arimidex is not dosed in the 10's of milligrams. Id start with .25mg EOD and increase as necessary. Dont increase it too rapidly though as there is a lag time for buildup and stabilization. Give it a week in between increases.


You could frontload with dbol.


That's still a kickstart. With frontloading you're injecting enough of the drug to get blood levels right up to where they need to be.


Thank you for the clarification, Bonez. Taking your advice into account, my cycle now looks like:

W1: 800mg T Cypionate,.25 Arimidex EOD
W2-10: 400mg T Cypionate, .25 (increase as needed) Arimidex EOD

PCT with Nolva.

Any more suggestions/comments?
BTW, I was thinking about including some finasteride, but is it necessary considering the doses I am using and the length of the cycle?

Again a big thanks to all who comment(ed) (especially Bonez), you guys have been surprisingly cool.