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First Cycle Critique


I'm a long time lurker first time poster. I've been training for three years now and I've been interested in doing a cycle for sometime. I've been trying to read as much as possible. I'm not terribly concerned with packing on huge amounts or weight, strength is what I'm after the most. So far here's what I'm thinking

Test Enan W 1-10 250mg E3D
Tren Ace W 3-8 150mg E3D
Adex W 1-15 25mg EOD
Clomid W 12-15 200mg for first day, 100mg from day 2 of pct to day 11, 50mg from day 12-21.

So my biggest questions are as follows.
1. I know alot of people say to use only test for the first go, from what I read, mostly to see how you react to it. Should I drop the Tren and see how it goes with just test?

  1. My big concern is my PCT and getting the old danglers back into working order. Will adex and clomid do the job(or is there anything better suited to this cycle specifically/ anything else I should consider? I see caber and others alot with tren)

  2. (If the answer to 1 is keep the tren) I'm not seeing much consistency in dosing for tren. Some say it should be injected everyday, other seem to say every 3 is ok. I would be easier to inject both at the same time but if it's not gonna work it's not gonna work. Also, there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to how long to run it(some saying never more than 6 weeks, others saying as long as 10.) Let me know what you guys think.

  3. If this is all way off let me know. I won't be using until I'm confident it will be safe and go well. If there's anything else I should know (there's piles more i should know I realize that) or if you have any readings to direct me to let me know. If you have any questions about why or how I came up with this let me know aswell.

Thanks in advance


You should definitely do some more reading. All the suggestions below are dependent on the fact that your training and diet are in check. Also, all of this is pretty general information, but since we know nothing about your stats nobody is going to be able to give an in-depth response specific to you.

Run Test Enanthate for 10-12 weeks at 500mg/wk. – Including more than one compound on your first cycle is not a good idea. It is always beneficial to know how your body reacts to Test alone.

If you do decide to keep the tren you are going to have to inject ED for stable blood levels. You seem like you’re worried about being “safe” and injecting ED will ensure much more stable blood levels which in turn can minimize negative side effects.

As far as PCT goes, you need to do a little more research…But I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume its a typo and you meant .25mg for the Adex dosing and not 25mg EOD.

In my opinion, I would take this information given and do some more researching and come back with a new cycle INCLUDING information about yourself (Age, Weight, Height, BF%, Years Training, Diet breakdown) so we can better critique.



Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight. Your first cycle is a knife fight and tren is a gun. 500mg of Test E frontloaded for 8 weeks is my recommendation (assuming you are physically ready to be using AAS in the first place).

You will taper off the AI during PCT.

No need for 200mg of clomid the first day. I (and many others) prefer Nolvadex for PCT to avoid the high doses of clomid. Clomid is not enjoyable at higher doses. 4 weeks of PCT is the norm, not 3.

Give us more information about yourself


You also need two weeks off after last test e injection before starting PCT (11 & 12 being the off weeks and 13 being the week to start PCT).


Thanks for all the info guys.

I wrote that after a long day at work sorry for leaving out some info. BCM, I did mean .25mg of adex, good catch. As for stats I’m about 5’10, 195 and I’d guess 13% bf. For lifts I pulled a 480 dead and 405 squat(hips below knee, good form, trust me) both in just a belt. Don’t even ask about my bench its trash and needs technique work first.

I haven’t tracked cals for a while now, but I eat very few carbs(although I’d like to) other than veggies, lots of fats(nuts, fish oil, natty pb and tons of almond butter etc)and lots of protein. Its pretty solid, I’ve been really good about not eating shit for the last year or so.

I’ve been training for 3 years this June atually. For the first probably year and a half i was doing faggy ass high rep work outs(cause that’s how you get huge right?) Gains were slow. I just didn’t have the CNS strength to challenge the muscle. But its part of learning.

Recently I’ve been training in a WSBB type format. I usually just work up to a 1rm with my big compound and do supplemental work after, DE for days I’m feeling tired or if my form is slipping. Its been going very well and my maxes are coming up nicely. Its helped a lot size body comp wise too.

Ok so basically we’ll drop the tren entirely and switch the clomid for nolva?
How does this look?

Test Enan W 1-8 250mg E3D(Front load with 500mg on first day?)
Adex W 1-13.25mg EOD(Tapering to off gradually from 13-17)
Nolva W 9-13 20mg ED

Let me know if that’s looking ok. Anyways I’m tired and there’s a good chance none of this makes sense. Let me know what you think.


I would not take the Adex throughout the entire cycle. This being your first cycle I would DEFINITELY have it on hand, but only take it if any gyno symptoms arise.


  • I would use the adex at 0.25mg/d from day 1 and adjust as required
  • If your last test e injection is at the end of week 8, you need two weeks of zero injections before starting PCT. In you case that would be Wks 11-14. Also, normal PCT protocol is:

Wks 11&12: 40mg/d
Wks 13&14: 20mg/d

Remember, the cycle planned as above has you suppressed for 10 weeks (8 + additional two to clear long ester). Ten weeks of suppression merits proper PCT. HCG would be a good aggition to this cycle at 250iu EOD from W2-W8. That would make for a smoother recovery and more fullness of the testes.

Also, I would strongly suggest front loading your test E (670mg on day1 followed by 250mg E3D).


You will be happy with the strength gains test alone will produce. I am on my first Test cycle at the moment at about 728mg/week and the strength gains so far have been unreal.

If supply is not an issue I would up the dose a bit to get around 750mg.

Check out the roid calc to estimate how much you want to frontload.



Thanks for catching those week number fuck ups dynamo.

So my finished cycle will look something like this:
Test Enan W 1-8 250mg E3D(Front load with 750mg on first day)
Adex W 1-14 .25mg EOD(Tapering to off gradually from W 11-14)
Hcg W 2or3-8 250 IU’s EOD
Nolva W 11-12 40mg ED W 13-14 20mg ED

Can everyone agree this will be a safe, effective 1st cycle?
Let me know what you think guys.
Thanks again for all the info.